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Renfield the Undead

2010, regia di Bob Willems


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Champion Entertainment, Poison Apple Films - Distribuzione: Legacy Distribution, R-Squared Films - Soggetto: Phil Nichols - Sceneggiatura: Phil Nichols, Molly Vernon - Fotografia: Seth Conway - Montaggio: Bob Willems - Art Director: Melissa L. Nichols - Musiche: Jeffrey Walton - Effetti speciali: Facades FX Makeup Lab - Formato: Color - Durata: 111'.

story by Phil Nichols, screenplay by Phil Nichols, Molly Vernon, based on characters created by Bram Stoker, music by Jeffrey Walton, special makeup and creature effects by Phil Nichols, Melissa Nichols/Facades FX

Cast: Keli Wolfe, Paul Damon, Phil Nichols, Roxy Hixon, Tyler Tackett, Calvin Lafiton, Melissa Nichols, John Stevens, Shelley Boozer, Joe Crisaffi, Denise Williamson, Reem Al-Hellou, Michelle James, Lillian DeMichele, Cory Hart, K.R. Kretz, Andrew Adams, Vance Johnson, Sam Martinez, Julin, Yankie Grant, Allison Phillips, Chales Osbourn, Roxy Vandiver, Mel Hosue, Jeremiah Kliesing, James Wark, Andrew Peacock, Lucas Rountree, Chance Smith, Bobby Simpson II, Sarah Wyckoff, Ryan Johnson, Brad Gammell, John Paul Faour, Hal Thackston, Ajene Hill, James Darby, Shawna Huebner, Don Hampton, Patrick Slagle, Annie Searls, Deborah Jackson.






Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - «Dracula's former slave lives on to spread the scourge of death across a contemporary city in this film inspired by classic vampire legends and films. Over a century after his master is destroyed, R.N. Renfield (Phil Nichols) stalks the streets of Bayou City in search of fresh blood. Little does Homicide Detective Paul Cranston (Paul Damon) and coroner Dr. Bonnie Johnson (Keli Wolfe) realize that the serial killer dubbed "The Bayou City Butcher" is in fact Renfield, but they're not the only ones tracking the elusive bloodsucker. Following her encounter with Dracula, Mina Harker (Roxy Cook) was transformed into a vampire as well. She knows that Renfield possesses The Skull of Dracula, and along with her son Quincy (Tyler Tackett, a vampire-human hybrid, she's determined to get it back and rule the world of the undead. Meanwhile, the citizens of Bayou City remain completely unaware that their streets are about to become the scene of an all-out vampire bloodbath that no mere mortal is powerful enough to prevent».

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Renfield: The Un-dead; Vampire Diaries Renfield.




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