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Vampirsex: il soft e l'hard


1999, regia di Dan Speaker, Kim Turney


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: David S. Sterling - Distribuzione: Vista Street Entertainment - Soggetto: Dan Speaker, D.C. Thomas  - Sceneggiatura: Dana Fredsti, D.C. Thomas - Fotografia: Joseph Raymond Garcia - Montaggio: Jeff Varga, Pamela Lynn Varga - Formato: Color - Durata: 80'.

Cast: Dan Speaker, Susannah Devereux, Jennifer Patterson, Jan Bryant, Charles Currier, Dana Fredsti, Anthony Martini, Joey Pal, Kathryn Cleasby, Debby Dodds, Flame.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - taliesinttlg.blogspot.i: «...A young woman, Candi Cohen (Jennifer Patterson), arrives at a building. She rings the bell and a voice asks what she wants, when she says she is there for her audition the gate opens. The inside is a bit dingy and no-one seems to be around (bar the person who answered the bell, of course). Amusingly she looks in one room and we can see a group of people in the room whilst she is musing that no-one is there. Suddenly Elizabeth Bartholomew is there and suggests that Candi can do her rehearsal with her. Candi questions her on who she is and when she discovers that it is Elizabeth she starts to gush about being a big fan. Elizabeth handcuffs the girl up and starts to undo her blouse. She then nicks Candi with a knife. However the film’s producer, Guy Ferencz (Charles Currier), and director, Klara Bartok (Jan Bryant), come in and rescue the girl. The rescue is short lived as Guy asks her whether she wants to audition now, strips her, handcuffs her and Elizabeth looks to whip her. The slo-mo was so badly done here that it was jerky. From behind a closed door we hear Candi scream. ... Max is the werewolf and is as long lived as the vampires (who are Guy, Klara and Elizabeth). But what a way to do a werewolf! We are told repeatedly that a large dog is seen hanging around the area. That’s it… he never transforms, we never see the dog and whilst he is shot with a silver bullet (allegedly) he doesn’t die as the shooter misses the heart. So, if you want a cheap way of portraying a werewolf just have the character declare themselves one and save all that money on transformation effects! As for the vampires, they can walk in daylight, crosses have no effect and they have no fangs. That’s stated, no fangs… so what about the fang marks on Candi? Oops! We do discover that drinking a vampire’s blood three times will turn someone and a vampire cannot attack their creator. We discover that the master vampire was created by a ritual using blood and a sword forged from a meteorite and that sword is needed to kill her. Other than that any piercing of the heart will do for a standard vampire. We do get a brief blood bathing and, unusually, it involves sex in the bath of blood. ...».






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