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Dr Liebenstein

2014, regia di Erik Karl


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Energetic Films - Distribuzione: Energetic Films - Soggetto: Erik Karl - Sceneggiatura: Erik Karl - Fotografia: Ashlea Thomsen - Set Decoration: Josh Hurley - Formato: Color - Durata: 97'.

Cast: Erik Karl, Mia Doran, Jessica Henwick, Claire Coppi, Kevin Craig Wesley, Monica Szaflik, Travis Porchia, Robert Carroll, Adina Krasnik, Kelly Elizabeth Baskin, Daniel Nosek, Lauren Angeline, Casey Hartnett.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «Some young girls and boys find an Ouija board and try it for a supernatural outcome. Soon they find themselves connected with a mysterious entity. They expect it to be a lost spirit wandering to reconnect with the living world but instead it proves to be a vampire which starts biting people who after dying, resurrect as vampires. The whole town is at the mercy of this devilish creature and there is only one person who knows how to fight and eliminate the menace and it is Dr. Liebenstein. Will he succeed in protecting people or he will also succumb to the ferocious powers of the vampires? This is a stereotyped story about a group of young friends who try to summon a spirit and thing go terribly wrong as a vampire spills over through the connections established between the living world and purgatory. Performance by all the cast is mostly average, with a few exceptions. They lacks the natural style and their faces and eyes don’t speak the same language as comes out of their lips. There is abundance of characters that puts extra burden on script and results in a non-focused plot. Many characters don’t contribute much to the main story but consume precious time of the film. The neat and clean plot seems missing due to excessive inclusion of unnecessary people. CGI work is not that bad but I wish it could have been a bit improved. It is evident that budgetary constraints limited director’s creativity which has always been a problem with low budget indie movies. This is why this flaw should be neglected. This is an average movie that some generous hearts will be willing to say encouraging words while others are likely to call it an utterly botched effort» (Mujahid Hussain).

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