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Vampire Gastelbrau

2011, regia di Hannah Ayoubi


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Hannah Ayoubi - Distribuzione: libera, nel web - Soggetto: Hannah Ayoubi - Sceneggiatura: Hannah Ayoubi - Animazione: Hannah Ayoubi - Musiche: Alex Wand - Formato: Color, animazione, corto - Durata: 3'.



Trama e commenti: / - «Un piccolo video grazioso e tenero. Guardate con cautela o sarete vittime di un attacco di cuteness».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - - «I love adorable independent animations. Vampire Gastelbrau is the story of a vampire who loses his tooth in an attempt to enter a house. In order to get it back, he must help a young girl and her grandmother with their chores. This particular vampire has an old-school Dracula feel with some Marceline-style feeding habits. Animator Hannah Ayoubi's style looks like a mixture of sketchbook and watercolor, but it's done in Photoshop and After Effects. There is no dialogue and no sound effects, but the music by Alex Wand does a great job of portraying both conversation and action. My professional opinion is that it's pretty damn cute».







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