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Vampires: Brighter in Darkness

2011, regia di Jason Davitt


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Witchward Productions - Distribuzione: Witchward Productions, Ariztical Entertainment, Peccadillo Pictures - Soggetto: Jason Davitt - Sceneggiatura: Jason Davitt - Montaggio: Jason Davitt - Formato: Color - Durata: 122'.

Cast: Tim Benge, Dan Briggs, Rebecca Eastwood, Rhys Howells, Kyle Jackson, Abigail Law-Briggs, James MacCorkindale, Dorival Mota, Richard Marshall, Ant Canavan, Richard Sherwood, Sebastien Sprysak.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «...Vampires: Brighter in Darkness started life as a TV series – of which I caught one or two episodes but missed watching the whole production. It has now been cut into a feature (though in honesty, its two hour running time could have done with some more judicial cutting as it is overlong). Unfortunately it is so low budget that it genuinely struggles and some of the effects would have been better missed out altogether. It begins in 500 AD and Lucas Delmore (Rhys Howells) approaches his people’s dark goddess, Lilith (Abigail Law-Briggs), looking for a means to avenge his family – killed by the vandals. His dress seems Roman (though his hair seems salon styled) but, for some reason, his companions’ dress involves skirt and cape with no shirt. Eye-candy for the target audience, no doubt, but silly overall. Lilith is a vampire Goddess and she feeds on Lucas whilst two vampires indulge in his companions. They then feed the men their blood (Lucas drinking from the Goddess herself). His companions are not strong enough, fail to turn and die (perhaps the lack of shirt caused them to catch a cold and thus zapped their strength, who knows). In his voice-over he tells us that he has lived with a cold heart, until now. The subject of his ardour is on a computer screen and is called Toby Brighter (Dan Briggs) – Brighter in darkness… get it… Toby’s sister Charlotte (Rebecca Eastwood) and his friends have set him up on a blind date with Lucas. Can I take this moment to point out the supremely bad acting from Rebecca Eastwood, it was truly awful. Never mind, she isn’t the focus (though she does come into the film later on). Lucas and Toby meet, Lucas has paid for the whole restaurant (which actually seems to be a church hall) and they get on really well. Toby wants to take things slow though – he has only recently come out of a relationship (with Paul (Tim Benge) who declared himself straight and ran off with a barmaid). ...».

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Sequel Vampires: Lucas Rising





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