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Varney the Vampire or the Feast of Blood

2016, regia di John F. Carroll


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Demented Features - Soggetto: dall'omonimo romanzo di James Malcolm Rymer - Sceneggiatura: John F. Carroll, Thomas Preskett Prest, James Malcolm Rymer - Fotografia: John F. Carroll, David McCullars, Russell Minton - Montaggio: John F. Carroll - Costumi: John F. Carroll - Musiche: Christopher Barr - Formato: Color, serie tv in 29 episodi.

Cast: David McCullars, Richard Dodwell, Laura Cannon, Matthew Garcia, Elisabeth Zakes, Cody Tilton, John F. Carroll, Skip Johnson, Steven Sulzer, Briony Zakes, Jeffery Miller, J. Alan Nelson, Kevin Gouldthorpe, Nick Kier, Kenneth C. Liverman.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «I was given the opportunity to see the first episode of the web series of Varney the Vampire recently, in advance, as a review piece. I was going to offer you my first impressions but it is a tad difficult as the episode is just over 3 minutes in length and thus the impressions I have are limited. It is the opening infamous scene from the Penny Dreadful where Sir Francis Varney (Richard Dodwell) has his toothsome way with Flora Bannerworth (Laura Cannon). I liked the look of Varney and there was a nice atmosphere generated. I understand why the running length would be so curtailed; it is not a unique length for web serials and I imagine the running length of each episode will vary. However you might get more of an impression from the trailer for the series ...».

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