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Billy the kid contro Dracula

(Billy the Kid vs. Dracula)

1966, regia di William Beaudine


Scheda: NazioneUSA - ProduzioneCircle Productions Inc. - Distribuzione: Embassy Pictures Corporation, Nostalgia Video, Something Weird Video, International Film Distributors, Cheezy Flicks Entertainment - SceneggiaturaCarl K. Hittleman - FotografiaLothrop B. Worth - MontaggioRoy V. Livingston - ScenografieHarry Reif - MusicheRaoul Kraushaar - FormatoColor - Durata: 73'.  

Cast: Chuck Courtney, John Carradine, Melinda Plowman, Virginia Christine, Walter Janovitz, Roy Barcroft, Olive Carey, Bing Russell, Leonard P. Geer, Richard Reeves, Hannie Landman, Marjorie Bennett, William Forrest, George Cisar.



Trama e commenti: - - «A suo modo un classico. Carradine si ripropone nei panni di Dracula, ruolo già interpeetato in House of Dracula (1945), in questo curioso “Western-horror”, diretto dal veterano William Beaudine (Bela Lugosi meets a Brooklin Gorilla, Ghost Chasers), soprannominato dai colleghi “Buona-la-prima!”, artigiano che ha firmato più di 350 pellicole. Il famoso fuorilegge decide che è arrivato il momento di sposarsi, ma non si rende conto che lo zio della sua futura moglie è un vampiro... Si può chiedere di più?».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «The venerable John Carradine gets his first chance to play the fanged count in 20 years (the last time was House of Dracula), albeit in one of the weirdest scenarios ever committed to film. Arriving in the Wild West via stagecoach, Drac installs himself in the home of a pretty rancher (Melinda Plowman) by convincing her (through hypnosis) that he is her long-lost uncle. Unfortunately for the Count, one of her hired hands is none other than legendary outlaw Billy the Kid (Chuck Courtney), who has been trying to put his wicked ways behind him. Billy takes a shine to his boss but starts to have his suspicions about her creepy "uncle." Eventually, the reformed desperado straps on his six-guns again to do battle with the Count, ably assisted by the local sawbones who must be an acquaintance of Dr. Van Helsing, since he obviously knows such helpful arcane knowledge such as (gasp) "The Vampire Test!" A camp anti-classic from William \"One-Shot\" Beaudine, who shot it back-to-back with yet another Wild-West-Horror mutation, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter» (Cavett Binion).




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