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Blood Thirst

1970, regia di Newt Arnold


Scheda: Nazione: Filippine-USA - Produzione: Newt Arnold - Distribuzione: Chevron, Sinister Cinema, Something Weird Video - Sceneggiatura: N. I. P. Dennis - Fotografia: Hermo Santos - Formato: B.N.

Cast: Robert Winston, Yvonne Nielson, Judy Dennis, Vic Diaz, Katherine Henryk, Eddie Infante, Bruno Punzalan, Max Roio, Vic Silayan.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - «In the city of Manila, a baffling spree of terrible murders has the police force stumped. Beautiful young girls are found drained of blood through small incisions in their wrists, so Captain Miguel (Vic Diaz) calls for his American friend Adam Rourke (Robert Winston) to come to the Philippines and help solve the case. Rourke is an expert on sex crimes with an irreverent attitude toward his work, something that causes friction with Miguel's sister Sylvia (Katherine Henryk). Since several of the victims were employed at the Barrio Club, their investigation starts there with Rourke going undercover as a magazine writer. Mr. Calderon (Vic Silayan), the club owner, is suspicious of Rourke's request for an "interview," but promises to think it over. When hired killers start trailing Rourke, he knows he's on the right track, though the body count keeps rising and a break in the case is elusive. Meanwhile, Sylvia is falling for Rourke against her better judgment, so she gets a job at the Barrio Club in an attempt to search for clues and make sure he stays safe. A mysterious belly dancer (Yvonne Nielson) offers Rourke some valuable information, though discovering the secret of these horrible killings might lead to his destruction. At the same time, Sylvia is captured by the ghoul, a hideous monster with a mangled visage» ().

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Blood Seekers; The  Horror from Beyond.



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