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1970, regia di Andy Milligan


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Cinemedia Films - Distribuzione: Nova International Productions; Something Weird Video; Western World Video - Soggetto: Andy Milligan - Sceneggiatura: Andy Milligan - Fotografia: Andy Milligan - Montaggio: Gerald Jackson - Scenografia: James Fox - Costumi: Talamasca & Raffine - Formato: Color - Durata: 74'.

Cast: Gavin Reed, Susan Heard, Colin Gordon, Susan Clark, Jackie Skarvellis, Emma Jones, Richmond Ross, Berwick Kaller.


Trama e commenti: «Misterioso horror a tinte erotiche. Un vampiro escogita di ingravidare una biondona nell’assolata Jacksonville, California... Il regista fa il possibile per sbagliare tutte le scene, compresa una imbarazzante morte del vampiro per “insolazione”».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «Reverend Algernon Ford (Gavin Reed) is a centuries old vampire who has been masquerading in his current incarnation as the head priest of Carfax Abbey. Ford has noted as of recently that his pure blood line is beginning to thin out and it won't be long before his particular "family" is no more. Interested in rejuvenating his blood line and moving his clan to the USA, Ford decides to track down all of his pure blood non-vampire descendants and convert them to his "religion". This leads him to Susan Ford (Jackie Skarvellis), a young woman who is on the eve of being married to a young man named Paul (Richmond Ross). When Susan is abducted by the Reverend during a visit, Paul comes to search for her and Rev. Ford learns that his plan may not hold up as well as he had first envisioned. For the uninitiated, The Body Beneath was directed by Andy Milligan, who is probably one of the least heard of low budget filmmakers in existence. Milligan made films all the way up until his AIDS related death in 1991 and was generally considered to be an even more low budget filmmaker than Ed Wood. I had never heard of Andy Milligan the director (though I had heard of his 1970 film The Rats are Coming, The Werewolves are Here!) until I read a wonderful three part article (which appeared in issues 52-54 of the excellent film magazine Video Watchdog) that detailed the life and career of this odd little filmmaker. Upon reading the article, I decided that I should try and track down some of the better films I had read about and see what they were like. Considering that they are for the most part unavailable on home video, I thought that my task was going to be a relatively hard one and never thought that I would actually be sitting down to watch one as soon as I did. Having finally sampled some of his work though, I'm a little reluctant to venture further....».

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Vampire's Thirst; The Demon lover.




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