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Demon Queen

1986, regia di Donald Farmer


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Camera 1 Productions - Distribuzione: Mogul Communications - Soggetto: Donald Farmer - Sceneggiatura: Donald Farmer - Fotografia: David Reed - Montaggio: David Blood - Musiche: Jan Haflin - Effetti speciali: Carole Reed - Formato: Color - Durata: 70'.

Cast: Mary Fanaro, Clifton Dance, David Blood, Rick Foster, Mark Holman, Debbie Leigh, Lauren St. Micheal, Robert Tidwell, Patti Valliere, Annett Van Grinsven.



Trama e commenti: « già pessimo Demon Queen. Le produzioni di Farmer si distinguono per i contenuti quasi sempre di matrice sessuale e per il gore sfacciatamente pedestre...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «This is one of the earlier camcorder, straight to VHS, rubbish vampire movies... ish... You see as well as having very little in the way of plot the so called demon queen of the title, Lucinda (Mary Farano), may not be a vampire – there is a touch of succubus, the title states demon and I was close to looking at this under ‘Vamp or Not?’. As it was I decided it probably should be straight to review and we start off with Lucinda and a man in a cheap hotel room. They kiss and then we cut to a post coital scene. Lucinda rips out his heart and then proceeds to rub it over her breasts before eating it. We can note that he says he was drawn to her but that really is close to the maximum of lore we get directly given in this. Jesse (Dennis Stewart) is a drug dealer who is approached by the diminutive Izzie (Ric Foster), along with Izzie’s henchman Bone (Cliff Dance).  ... Lucinda ends up killing Wendy for Jesse but the film has made the cardinal mistakes of not really having a plot and, worse, not having a motivation for anything the characters do. Why does Lucinda kill Wendy for Jesse? Who knows but, worse, who actually cares? However she then reveals her true face to him (really bad effects time) and he runs off. She then meets her sticky end by being attacked by one of her own created zombies, who is now fairly rotten and, I think, was meant to be Bone. With just enough time for a none-shocking shock at the end we have got through the ordeal that is the film. Seriously though, it really is bad, not worth seeking out, not even as a bad movie».




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