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The First Vampire in China

(Mao shan xiao tang)

1986, regia di Yam Chun-Lu


Scheda: Nazione: Hong Kong - Produzione: Golden Harvest - Sceneggiatura: Wong Ying - Soggetto: Wong Ying - Formato: Color.

Cast: Charlie Cho Cha Lei, Hwang Jang Lee, Robert Mak Tak Law, Sek Kin, Shing Fui On, Anthony Tang Ho Kwong, To Siu Ming.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «In ancient times, an emperor seeking eternal life is instead poisoned, then becomes a vampire. His body encrusted in jade, he is revived during a ceremony, only to be buried in an earthquake. In the mid-20th century, Alexander Tso comes along to become the new mayor, with his assistants Suzan and Tao. Mayor Tso does not believe in superstition, and clashes with followers of the local Taoist, Kent of Mount Mao. But the followers are not well behaved. They try to raise the March Ghost (against their sifu's wish), and when the jade vampire is discovered, they try to steal the jade. But the vampire will have none of it. However, not everyone is in danger. Al Tso, unknown to himself, is protected by the "three flames"....». 




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