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1987, regia di Jay Raskin


Scheda: NazioneUSA - ProduzioneVicky Prodomidov - DistribuzionePrism Pictures, Troma - SoggettoJay Raskin - SceneggiaturaJay Raskin - FotografiaOren Rudavsky - MontaggioJay Raskin - Art DirectorVicky Prodromidov - MusicheSteve Monahan - FormatoColor - Durata: 85'. 

Cast: Rachel Gordon, Brendan Hickey, Ted Zalewski, Debra Carroll, Temple Aaron, David Dunton,  Kathryn Karnes, Marcus Chase, Steve Monahan, Ken Skeer, Rit Friedman.

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «This quaintly romantic low-budget vampire film from notorious Troma Studios involves the plight of a naive country girl (Rachel Gordon) whose first venture into the Big Apple leads to degradation and humiliation at the hands of heartless city slickers. Her destiny changes radically when she falls into the arms of charming hundred-year-old vampire Robespierre (Brendan Hickey), who is instantly smitten. Learning of the abuse she has suffered, Robespierre seeks bloody retribution on the louts responsible. Though slow-moving at times, this film benefits from a fairly involving story and a few twists unique to the vampire genre, and is remarkably tasteful in comparison to Troma Studios' typical gross-out product» (Cavett Binion).


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Der Vampir, mein Nagetier.




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