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In Focus: Shedding Light on Vampires in America

2008, regia di Souzan Alavi


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: True Blood-HBO - Distribuzione: HBO - Formato: Color, film tv, corto - Durata: 15'.

Cast: Nathan Bailey, Christopher Durham, Kenji, Andrea Sooch, Patty Tobin, Jessica Tuck, Bonnie Kathleen Ryan.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «I was skimming channels the other night and a show caught my eye. In Focus: Shedding Light on Vampires in America is a heck of a title - so I had to check it out. My first reaction was - "what the heck are they doing?" But, I quickly realized that the mock documentary was part of the hype machine for the upcoming vampire drama, "True Blood". I like the tack that HBO is taking with this new show. I am already interested in the show (I previously posted on the topic), but they are doing a fine job increasing my interest. I love the premise that vampires are real and 'out'. It follows logically that there are vampire haters (the Fellowship of the Sun) and vampire supporters (the American Vampire League). This viral campaign is just another reason to think that they are going to support the show fully. If you want to see the 'mockumentary', here is the schedule for the upcoming showings».





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