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1962, regia di Miguel Morayta


Scheda: Nazione: Messico - Produzione: Internacional Sono Film S.A., Tele Talia Films - Distribuzione: American-International Television, Azteca Films, Sinister Cinema, Something Weird Video - Soggetto: Miguel Morayta - Sceneggiatura: Miguel Morayta - Fotografia: Raúl Martínez Solares - Montaggio: Gloria Schoemann - Scenografia: Manuel Fontanals - Musiche: Luis Hernández Bretón - Formato: B.N. - Durata: 78'.

Cast: Carlos Agostí, Rafael del Río, Erna Martha Bauman, Bertha Moss, Rafael Etienne, Enrique García Álvarez, Tito Junco, Antonio Raxel, David Reynoso, Fernando Soto.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «In a small village in the 16th century, mysterious deaths occur on the night of the full moon near the Lagoon of Death. Although the local priest and the villagers are mystified by several sudden deaths, one resident, Doctor Alvaran (Rafael Del Rio), an expert on vampires, is certain the deeds are the work of the respected Count Frankenhausen (Carlos Agosti), who lives in a castle with his beautiful daughter, Brunhilde (Erna Martha Bauman), who is the spitten image of her dead mother. Heck, she even has the same name! The villagers scoff when Alvaran tries to convince them that Count Frankenhausen is really a vampire, and that the Count's only salvation is an injection of clamic acid extracted from the roots of the mandragora tree. Hildegard (Bertha Moss), Count Frankenhausen's loyal servant, consistently sabotages Alvarans' attempts to thwart her master. Alvaran goes to the castle and meets Brunhilde, who refuses to believe that her father is a bloodsucker who uses his influence on her (even though Alvaran finds her wandering around the lagoon in a hypnotic trance). He explains that not even driving a stake in the Count's heart could prevent the Vampires from marching on the castle. The only solution is to inject Frankenhausen with the acid. The doctor finds his way to the secret laboratory of Frankenhausen and surprises him. The Count immediately turns into a huge bat with big ears. After a fierce fight, Alvaran flings a stake at Frankenhausen and pins the bat-figure to the wall. As Alvaran had warned the villagers, a mob of Vampires immediately rises from their graves (with stakes sticking out of their chests), attack the villagers, and proceed towards the castle. Can Doctor Alvaran give the Count the juice in time before the Vampires take over?».

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: The Invasion of the Vampires.



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