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The Ironbound Vampire

1997, regia di Karl Petry


Scheda: Nazione: USA- Produzione: Wave Video - Distribuzione: Alpha New Cinema - Soggetto: Karl Petry - Sceneggiatura: Karl Petry - Montaggio: John Granata - Musiche: John Black, Stephen Broude - Effetti speciali: Doc Frankenfield, Raven Strombringer - Formato: Color - Durata: 90'.

Cast: Dolores Fuller, Conrad Brooks, Deana Enoches, Richard Matyskiel, Suzanne Lenore, Dennis Drenth, John Link, Jennifer Byrne, Edison De Carvalho, Lauren J. Clancy, Víctor Bruno.



Trama e commenti: «Durante la prima guerra mondiale, la vita di un soldato viene salvata da un vampiro. Tempo dopo, l'uomo si stabilisce in una cittadina del New Jersey, dove un detective lo sospetta di avere a che fare qualcosa con una serie di misteriosi omicidi che sconvolgono la comunità».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «The promise of eternal life. Exquisite pleasures of the flesh that were once just wild fantasies ... 80 years ago Thomas Lane (Richard Matyskiel) lay alone and dying on a World War I battlefield. A mysterious figure approached, and transformed his life - and death - forever. Welcome to this bloodthirsty realm of evil, insatiable sexual appetites. Today Thomas lives a nocturnal existence in Ironbound, a darkly Gothic sub-city of Newark, New Jersey. Tormented by what he is and what he must do to survive, yet consumed by a carnal desire to watch the most tantalizing lesbians in games of erotic seduction, Thomas is a haunted and tragic creature. But a serious threat looms. An ex-cop turned writer is pursuing Thomas, researching the legend of his vampiric reign of terror and harem of voracious servants. Uncovering frightful, generations-old clues, the writer soon finds himself face-to-face with Thomas' undeadly wrath and his cabal of lusty vampire lovers who will do anything - anything! - to protect their master».



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