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Khooni Dracula

1992, regia di Harinam Singh


Scheda: Nazione: India - Produzione: Harinam Singh - Formato: Color - Durata: 97' (109').

Cast: Amrit Pal, Kiran Pal, Kaushal Singh, Usha Singh, Sonia Thakur.






Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - prometeo - «Normally with Bollywood films where there is no English version I will simply do a scene by scene commentary, explaining as best as I can what's going on with pictures. However, if I did that with this film you would fall asleep - seriously! I did the opening scene, got to the cast list and promptly lost the will to live... We open with Dracula being given an envelope by some random person. We then get a dissolve montage of Dracula with his bloody "grrr" face morph to a human face with fangs, then morph into the human face without fangs. There's a girl wearing green on a bed followed by a girl in a red bikini having a shower. Are these the same girl? possibly. Am I going to bother to check? No. Do I care? No. Dracula bites bikini girl on the neck and kills her. One less random cast member to keep track of. Huzzah! We then get one of the longest credit listings in world movie history. There are 13 screens worth - count them people THIRTEEN screens listing cast members - with entries like Dimple, Sweeta and Pretti - seriously! From this point on I realised that I was going to have no chance in hell of keeping track of who was who (and indeed didn't) - A scene by scene commentary is going to be of no use whatsoever because the characters change so much it would read Girl A did this, Girl B did that, Girl C got eaten - Oh the horror! I so care about this girl that's had like thirty seconds of screen time! Then, hey isn't that a different set of police officers from in the last scene? So I'm just going to cheat and give you the briefest overview of what actually happens and not necessarily in order either because there are some big "reveal" flashbacks. You'll thank me. There's a lusty drug baron called "uncle" (ok he's not called uncle, but he has a niece who his wife thinks he fancies so uncle will do.) He probably does fancy his niece, he seems, like Dracula, to hit on anything female. Before this movie started, he got turned on by his serving woman's cleavage and tried to rape her. She ran away, he gave chase and ended up "accidentally" killing her with a broken bottle. He sees the jagged bloody glass and suddenly thinks "fangs!" "Dracula!" As you do! Somehow he resurrects Dracula, whose corpse happened to be lying around in the graveyard outside his house where he killed the maid. Maybe her blood did it. Don't really know and care even less....».


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Deadly Dracula.




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