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Monsters: Pool Sharks

1988, regia di Alan Kingsberg



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Laurel Entertainment Inc. - Distribuzione: Horror TV - Soggetto: Alan Kingsberg - Sceneggiatura: Alan Kingsberg - Fotografia: Tony Cutrono - Montaggio: Sherman Overton - Set Decoration: Sarah Knowles - Costumi: Maggi Yule - Musiche: Donal Rubinstein, Harry Ennis - Effetti speciali: Steve Johnson's XFX - Formato: Color - Durata: 30' (23').

Cast: Tom Mason, Irving Metzman, Rebecca Kyler Downs, Page Johnson.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - televisiondb - - - - «Monsters was an anthology horror series that ran for three seasons from 1988 to 1990. One of the key elements came out of budgets so small that locations were kept to a bare minimum, in this case one room. Pool Sharks was a season 1 episode. We are in a bar run by Cappy (Page Johnson). At the back of the bar is a pool table and it appears that the provocative Natasha (Rebecca Kyler Downs) is hustling Lester (Irving Metzman). She is setting up shots, if he makes them she gives him a kiss but if he misses he pays $20. It seems clear to us that he is being hustled and probably he is happy to be hustled. Enter Gabe (Tom Mason) – a man with a pool cue. He orders a drink and asks Cappy who died – there is a hearse out front. The hearse belongs to Lester, a funeral director. Some ten minutes after he came in Natasha came in, she’s been hustling him since. Gabe arranges for Cappy to give Lester a whisky “on the house” and then to keep them coming on his own tab. Cappy notices that Gabe wears a cross and asks if he is religious. Gabe says he is just cautious. He approaches the pool players, hiding his cue beforehand. And puts a coin on the table – indicating his turn to play. Cappy brings over a ‘drink on the house’. Gabe manages to ‘accidentally’ break the glass of said drink and cut his finger on the glass. Natsha attends to his wound – by sucking it. The wound heals. He hustles Lester good and proper who then leaves but Natasha decides to remain with Gabe. She reveals she knew he was a hustler. They end up betting on a game (first to 50 points) where the winner gets to do what they like to the other’s body – she turns to camera and reveals fangs. As they play he talks about a bar in Allan Town, PA. There was a man there who vanished after being seen playing pool with a beautiful woman. His family believed that something truly evil happened to him. They get to a point where the points are close and one more frame will decide it. They both make their preparations. She goes to the toilet as he puts the balls out. ...».


Episodio 9 della stagione 1 della serie tv Monsters.


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