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1916, regia di Theodore e Leo Wharton


Scheda: NazioneUSA - ProduzioneInternational Film Service - DistribuzionePathé Exchange - Soggettoda una storia di Hereward Carrington - SceneggiaturaCharles W. Goddard - Art DirectionE. Douglas Bingham, Archer Chadwick - Effetti specialiHereward Carrington - Consulenza tecnicaHarry Houdini - FormatoB.N., muto.

Cast: Howard Estabrook, Jean Southern, Mike Rale, Allan Murname, Bessie Wharton, Elsie Baker, F.W. Stewart, Robin H. Townley.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - «Fifteen chapters of science versus the supernatural! Myra (Sothern) is threatened by The Thought Monster, a huge powerful creature created by the sinister Grand Master of the Black Order, sent to kill her. When the creature closes in on Myra, it is distracted by its reflection in a mirror and forgets to destroy her. Publicity for the film describes the monster as "a sort of psychic Frankenstein, but his disposition is like a child, in that he is easily distracted from his purpose". The screenwriter was actually a noted psychic investigator of the time».


Film in 15 episodi.



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