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Winner 1 Ed Wood Spirit Award, Film Fest Tulas Oklahoma: Scriptscreen

Night of the Fools

2004, regia di Ace Fronton



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: True-Life Photoplays - Distribuzione: True-Life Photoplays - Soggetto: Ace Fronton - Sceneggiatura: Ace Fronton - Fotografia: Ace Fronton - Montaggio: Ace Fronton - Musiche: George Kleinsinger, Domenico Savino - Formato: Color e B.N. - Durata: 60'.

Cast: Dash Titan, Yahuba Daly, Tim Timkoko, Don Mouskouri, Shep Winfield, Trza Vante.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: «On a hot summer night in 1957, filmmaker Ed Wood works at his typewriter, drinking Imperial whiskey and wearing an angora sweater. Ed finishes his script, and examines it, pleased. He calls his good friend, Bela Lugosi, and invites him out to dinner. Ed hops into his big convertible, and heads out. Ed visits Bela at home, and finds him passed out and depressed. Ed calls Tor Johnson, Criswell and Vampira, and invites them all out to dinner. Everyone meets at a local Italian restaurant. The gang drinks wine and reminisces. Food is ordered. A good time is had by all. After finishing their meal, the gang drive through Hollywood at night, yelling and singing at passerby. They end up at a park overlooking Hollywood. They set up chairs in the grass. The gang talk excitedly about their new movie, their undying dreams of fame and fortune. They get stinking drunk. Ed runs into the bushes and emerges as Shirley, his alter ego. Ed passes out. As the gang sleep, a flying saucer hovers over the Hollywood night, and Ed has a life-changing encounter...».

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