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Reign in Darkness

2002, regia di David W. Allen, Kelly Dolen (come Kel Dolen)



Scheda: Nazione: Australia - Produzione: Rapidfire Productions - Distribuzione: Atlantic Pictures, AV Channel, Antarctic Video, Cajun Home Entertainment, Chisan International, Digital Rights Pictures, ER Film, Most Media Film Company, Omnitem Communications, Spartan Home Entertainment, Swe Zhe Group, Transformer - Soggetto: David W. Allen, Kelly Dolen - Sceneggiatura: David W. Allen, Kelly Dolen - Fotografia: Dennys Ilic - Montaggio: Sonia Cook - Musiche: John Clifford White - Effetti speciali: Animefex - Formato: Color  - Durata: 90'.

Cast: Kelly Dolen, David W. Allen, David No, Chris Kerrison, John Barresi, Sam Acarito, Rachael Allen, Scott Tyack, Copper Barton, Sarah Bourke, Daniel Bowden, David Budge, Nathan Cross, Robert Dey, Tamara Donnellan, Jimmy Efthimiou, Zoe Fisher II, Melanie Fisher, Greg Heasley, Irving Labrooy, George Novak, Luke Tyen Yee Yen, Troy Purcell, Matt Robinson, Dejai Scott, Darren Smith, David Stravetis, Andrew Thomas, Richard Wiggan, Byron Wilding.





Trama e commenti:

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - - «They feed while the world sleeps. They walk the earth, living while dead. Carrying the world's most heinous virus, they are a new breed of blood sucking vampires... When molecular biologist Michael Dorn (Kel Dolen) accidentally becomes infected, he joins the army of the undead - now a blood lusting predator, dangerously starved and on the hunt for prey, he must find a cure for the deadly virus, before all mankind succumbs to it's power. This movie is a missed opportunity. The plot looked like an interesting premise to build a movie around, but unfortunately the outcome is very cliched: the dialogues were terrible and unrealistic, and the stupid carbon monoxide theory at the end doesn't make any sense at all. And since when were molecular biologists trained as gun-toting, sword swinging fighting machines with amazing tactile skills? On the other hand, the movie has some very stylishly directed shots and sequences, so it's not all bad. But it could have been so much better...».

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