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Winner 1 Academy Award (Oscar): Best Actor - 1 Nomination Academy Award (Oscar): Best Film.


1998, regia di Michael Almereyda



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Dublin Kiss, Trimark Pictures - Distribuzione: Trimark Pictures, Trimark Home Video, DEJ Productions, Manga Films, SBP, Sunfilm Entertainment - Soggetto: Michael Almereyda - Sceneggiatura: Michael Almereyda - Fotografia: Jim Denault - Montaggio: Tracy Granger, Steve Hamilton - Art Director: Ginger Tougas - Costumi: Prudence Moriarty, Laura Jean Shannon - Musiche: Simon Fisher-Turner - Effetti speciali: William Lappe, Randall Balsmeyer - Formato: Color - Durata: 95'.

Cast: Christopher Walken, Alison Elliott, Jared Harris, Rachel O'Rourke, Lois Smith, Sinead Dolan, Raina Feig, Jason Miller, Jeffrey Goldschrafe, Paula Malcomson, Paul Ferriter, Niamh Dolan, David Geary, Karl Geary, Mark Geary, Spencer Kayden, Niall Dolan.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «Nora and her husband Jim are well-to-do alcoholics living in New York. Nora has been blacking out and having disturbing visions related to her enigmatic Irish childhood. Her doctor warns that she must absolutely quit drinking. To escape their self-destructive patterns, and to dry out, Nora and Jim take their six-year-old son, Jim jr., to Ireland, where Nora’s Grandmother and Uncle Bill still occupy the expansive family estate that Nora left as a teenager. The journey is interrupted when a hallucination prompts her to crash their rental car. The family is guided to the estate by Alice, a mysterious young girl, who intercepts them on the road. Upon their arrival in the gloomy old house, Uncle Bill greets them with grim news and escorts Nora down to the basement, where he reveals a mummified female corpse. He explains that this is an ancient Druid witch, buried in the bog two thousands years ago. Niamh was once powerful, carnal and violent, but she fell in love. Tormented and betrayed, she...».

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: The Eternal; The Eternal: Kiss of the Mummy; The Mummy.



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