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Winner Indie Gathering Film Festival 2007, Best Feature Sansevieria Film Festival 2007, Best Actress Sansevieria Film Festival 2007, Best Director Sansevieria Film Festival 2007


2007, regia di Carl R. Merritt, Amanda Fire, Nikky Irene



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Carl Merritt Productions - Distribuzione: Carl Merritt Productions, GoDigital Media Group, Maxim Worldwide Media - Fotografia: Lisa Adore, Ray Basham, Cody Einsfeld, Amanda Fire, Sherri Foxx, Nikky Irene, Carl R. Merritt, James Merz - Montaggio: John Fromes - Musiche: Nightmare at Hanging Rock, Pitch Blak, Peter John Ross, Danielle Webster - Effetti speciali: Ray Basham, Carl R. Merritt - Formato: Color - Durata: 94'.

Cast: Lisa Adore, Bonnie Albertini, Ray Basham, Carlo John Bruno, Pamela Bryant, Shannon Camacho, Sarah Coons, Dan Crothers, Jeffrey Ebright, Lamas Bobbi Eley, Jeff Finley, Amanda Fire, Levi Fogg, Sherri Foxx, Logan Haines, Ronald Haines, John Hanner, Krystal Harper, Timothy Herron, Nikky Irene, Anna Karoutsos, Marisa Karoutsos, Michelle Kirk, Nathan Kirk, Noah Kirk, Kelly Klein, Kaylyn Lambeck, Dan Leedy, Athena Lenzie.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - IMDb: «The dominant species is no longer mankind. The ultimate predator on the planet Earth is now a race of vampires. What caused this worldwide disaster? Can anything change the world back to the way it was? Captain Long of the Moore's Lake Police force and the town newspaper reporter, Charles Peterson, throw aside their fears to take on the Vampire Nation and eventually run across the most evil creature next to Satan himself. He is a vampire so powerful, so prevailing... they are afraid that even Abe, the resurrected entity from Hell, may not be able to defeat him» (Carl R .Merritt).

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scheda a cura di Lorenza Cervellera


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