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Bloodhound: The Vampire Gigolo

(Anpaia Hosuto)

2004, regia di Hitoshi Ohne


Scheda: Nazione: Giappone - Produzione: TV Tokyo - Distribuzione: Bandai Entertainment - Soggetto: dal manga Yorugata Aijin Senmonten di Kaori Yuki - Formato: Color, serie tv - Durata: 25' ogni episodio.

Cast: Minako Komukai, Satoshi Matsuda, Shirô Sano.





Trama e commenti: «...serie con i vampiri che sembra quasi Twilight ma esce un anno prima del libro e 4 del film. Non mi sembrano ci siano mostri giganti né armature luccicanti quindi non lo vedrò mai, credo».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «Bandai is company the releases anime DVDs, but they've recently branched out to some live action Japanese TV shows also. Blood Hound is one such series. Based on the manga Yorugata Aijin Senmonten by Kaori Yuki, in Japan it was broadcast as Vampire Gigolo a title that Bandai presumably thought was too risqué for American audiences, this introductory volume presents the first four episodes (out of a twelve) which compromises two stories. The show has low production values, bad acting, and jokes that fall flat, but it's also cheesy fun. Rion Kanou (Minako Komukai) is high school girl who receives a strange voice mail message on her cell phone on afternoon. Her best friend, Shiho Aiga (Yurie Kojima) call, panicked, and says "Rion, help me! A real vampire..." That's all she manages to leave before she is cut off. Needless to say, Shiho doesn't answer her phone, nor is she home. Looking through her friend's room, Rion discovers a card for a "host club" named Kranken Haus, a place where older women can go to spend the evening with handsome young men dressed in gothic garb. For a price, of course. Checking out the club, Rion meets Suou (Satoshi Matsuda), an escort at the club who dresses as a vampire right down to the long fangs. At first he denies knowing Shiho, but when Rion presents him with his business card he reluctantly admits that he met her briefly but kicked her out of the club. Not believing a word of it, Rion purposefully smashes an expensive bottle of champagne and then takes a part time job at the club to work off her debt. She figures that this is the prefect way to keep an eye on Suou and discover what he did with Shiho. ...».

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Serie tv in 12 episodi, conosciuta anche con i titoli: Vampire Host; Vampire Gigolo.




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