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Dark Light

2000, regia di Andrew Harrison


Scheda: Nazione: Irlanda - Produzione: Midnight Pictures - Distribuzione: Midnight Pictures, Mill Creek Entertainment - Soggetto: Paul Barton, Andrew Harrison, Darryl Sloan - Sceneggiatura: Darryl Sloan - Fotografia: Andrew Harrison - Montaggio: Andrew Harrison - Musiche: Darryl Sloan - Formato: Color - Durata: 68' (79').

Cast: Paul Barton, Darryl Sloan, Keith Fairgrieve, Andrew Harrison, Lenora McClimonds, Harry Hamill, Thomas Vaughan, John Moore, Patrick Hanna, Chris Winter, Matt Adamson, Trevor Bullick, Lynne Adamson, Johnny Thompson, Dale Lockens, William Moore.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «If you haven’t heard of this film I wouldn’t be concerned (though by the end of the review I hope you'll want to see the film). Dark Light is by Midnight Pictures productions, and is so independent that there isn’t really a distribution, other than via the company themselves. Midnight Pictures are based in Northern Ireland and primarily comprise of Darryl Sloan, who wrote the screenplay and composed the music for the film, and Andrew Harrison who directed the film. This film is, most definitely, a labour of love. There are issues with the film, not least of which is the film quality, down to the fact that this is filmed on amateur equipment. That is to be expected and the story keeps you hooked enough that you ignore the film quality and concentrate on the story. The film begins with an aerial shot of a city moving quickly to Altona Biological Research Institute, a British forces research base. We see a man, later revealed to be Newman (Keith Fairgrieve), sneaking through the complex. He takes out a couple of researchers, one punch each, and then a soldier. He is chased and shots are fired, one causing him to drop, but by the time the soldiers get to him he is up and running again. Note that, for a few seconds, we get a first person shooter type view – something well ahead of the sequence placed in Doom (2005). We cut to a doctor, Lang (Andrew Harrison), and military officer, Commander Slater (Darryl Sloan). They have a vial of liquid and Lang asks to be allowed to synthesis more, but Slater refuses. He gets on the phone and calls McKenzie (Paul Barton). McKenzie is at home, the call causes an argument between McKenzie and his wife Jackie (Lenora McClimonds) as they were meant to be looking after her nephew Adrian (Patrick Hanna). McKenzie goes to the institute and is given a quick briefing on three men, from a special unit named Dark Light, who have gone AWOL. There is Sgt Spence (Harry Hanill) a specialist in assassination, Private Thorpe (Trevor Bullick) an urban terrorist specialist and finally Newman, a hostage specialist. This part of the story didn’t quite gel to me as their ranks seemed a little low for the type of missions they were trained for, but it is a minor quibble. Newman had been recaptured, seemed quite resistant to interrogation and has been allowed to escape again (this time with a sub-coetaneous tracking device implanted). McKenzie is told to find him and report back in, definitely not to approach...».





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