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Dick Night

2011, regia di Andy Viner


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Charles DeRosa, Andy Viner, Philip W. Davis, Brenda Viner - Distribuzione: FilmBuff  - Soggetto: Andy Viner - Sceneggiatura: Andy Viner - Fotografia: Charles DeRosa - Montaggio: Charles DeRosa, Naveen Singh, Andy Viner - Musiche: Felix Bird - Effetti speciali: Logan Tobia - Formato: Color - Durata: 82'.

Cast: Jennifer June Ross, Boomie Aglietti, Ben Huber, Dominic Amend, Josh Baca, Matt Batson, Eddie Bolero, Tracy Duffeck, Gil Gilbert, Michaela Gutierrez, Jacob Hatley, Randall Heller, Dan Higgins, Shelby Meeks, Ryan Mink, Zack Ribbet, Melissa Wintringham.







Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - «Dick Night is an indie comedy/horror splice all about vampires. Well, not vampires, but people who really, really want to be vampires. And it’s not really all about vampires, either. Rachel is a slob; empty pizza boxes and soft drinks bottles adorn her new - and rather isolated – house, and the only tidy room is the one with all the presents in… the presents from the wedding where Rachel was stood up. Rachel’s mother stages an intervention, cleaning both the house and her daughter, motivating Rachel to go out and find someone to spend the night with. A few missteps and awkward encounters later, Rachel finds herself in her house with three men and a strange girl. But they’re not alone, and the nearest phone line is at the top of the formidable ‘Pizza Mountain’. Dick Night follows a very classic horror storyline: a group of people find themselves stranded in a confined location and are attacked by unknown marauders. It’s a solid premise that Dick Night makes effective through an interesting mix of situational comedy and flashes of the absurd, complemented by a selection of crackpot characters. Oh, and a rather gratifying ‘Twilight’ reference. Raucous, lo-fi and full of fun, Dick Night is a feature that doesn’t take itself to seriously but is none-the-less a debut that writer/director Andy Viner can be proud of» (Orestes Kouzaf).

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