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1992, regia di Todd Sheets


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Trustinus Productions, A/V Concepts - Distribuzione: Maxim Media International, Video Outlaw - Soggetto: Misty Wolfe - Sceneggiatura: Todd Sheets, Roger Williams - Musiche: Enochian Key, Black Orchid, Matthew Jason Walsh - Effetti speciali: Dana Cheney - Formato: Color - Durata: 67' (78').

Cast: Carol Barta, Frank Dunlay, Auggie Alvarez, Charles Monroe, Tonia Monahan, Jodie Rovick, Ray Merrill, Veronica Orr, Patricia Manser, Emmet Brennen, Erwin K. Roberts, Mike Hellman, Dana Pace, Jenny Admire, Julia Anne Clark, Byron Nichodemus, Brett Keever, Deric Bernier, Stefan Hilts.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «There's some new kids on the block. But they're not a street gang, and they're not young and innocent. These kids are the Dominion, a battalion of vampiric undead hell-bent on world domination! Led by their pint-sized lord vampire, the bloodsuckers stage a climactic rock concert to bring back their demonic leader... and everyone is invited! Hot on their trail are two unknowing detectives and the terrible tot's sister, now a fragile old woman whose flesh has been ravaged by time. It's gonna be one hell of a concert when the Dominion stop rockin' and start suckin'... blood, that is! The goriest hard-rock vampire horror drama this century, Dominion brings new meaning to the words: "...and a child shall lead them! Note: - Movie director and co-founder of Extreme Entertainment, Todd Sheets, is also a singer/songwriter and is part of the bands Jedi Superstar and Descension. His band Enochian Key (who provided music for the Dominion soundtrack) consists mainly of Todd Sheets (who performs rhythm and lead guitar parts, bass guitar parts, lead and backing vocals, keyboards and drums), with some guest musicians involved».





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