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Evil of the Vampires

2010, regia di Mark Morris


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Cinema Music Consulting - Soggetto: Mark Morris - Sceneggiatura: Mark Morris - Fotografia: Brian Strange - Montaggio: Mark Morris - Art Director: Helen Quinn Gregson - Set Decoration: Ilona Kahn - Musiche: John Koutselinis - Effetti speciali: Mark Morris - Formato: Color, corto, super 16 mm. - Durata: 16'.

Cast: Mark Morris, Sara Dee, Rob Talbot, Jody Lee Harris, Morris Ernie, Shorn Rah, Paul Beaumont, Luke Dempsey, Tom Quick, Harriet Wyril, Jack Morrisey, Samuel McKone.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «Evil of the Vampires is set in a world of criminal vampires. Anne is ten years old when she saves her fathers soul after he is bitten by a Vampire. Twenty five years later. Anne now married to Jack who believes her Father is dead and she is imagining it all. Furthermore he blames Jenny, their daughter for the death of their son. Jenny's anger spills out into a nasty revenge on her Father. Only one person can save them now and he's dead».





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