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Die Hard Dracula

1998, regia di Peter Horak


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Peter Horak Productions - Distribuzione: Alpha Video - Soggetto: Peter Horak - Sceneggiatura: Peter Horak - Fotografia: Mark Morris - Montaggio: David Avallone - Art Director: Alex Vital - Musiche: Ivan Koutikov - Effetti speciali: KVA Effects - Formato: Color - Durata: 88'.

Cast: Bruce Glover, Kerry DustinDenny Sachen, Ernest M. Garcia, Chaba Hrotko, Tom McGowan, Talia Botone, Nathalie Huot, Peter Horak, John Slavik, Robert Coppola, Eddie Eisele, Paul Lackey, Joseph Miksovsky, Margie Windish, Marra Racz, Shari EckertRoss Hawkins, Tracey Minner.





Trama e commenti: - - «...Notiamo che Way of the vampire su IMDB è 47 nella classifica "Bottom 100 movies as voted by our users" cioè i peggiori 100, dal voto più basso in su. In questa classifica troviamo anche: Die Hard Dracula, Troppo belli e The Astro-Zombies...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «This was such a piece of crap it made my ass hurt from the incredible fucking it was giving me every second I watched it. It starts when this American dude's ugly girlfriend drowns. He's all depressed and shit, so he goes to Transylvania to cheer himself up (duh). When he gets there, he wrecks his car, then wanders around 'til he finds this bar or something. I guess he decides to live there, because he ends up drinking there all day every day with all these other people who never seem to leave either. Meanwhile, though, Dracula is going around causing trouble, so the dudes in the bar call Van Helsing to stop him. Van Helsing is this annoying old fuck who seems just shy of being legally retarded, but he does have a book called "How to Kill Dracula" so he seems to be the cat for the job. The American dude decides to help him out, just to, you know, get out of the house and shit. Their first plan is to shoot Dracula with a silver bullet, but since Dracula isn't a werewolf that doesn't work. Next they try having a dentist pull out his teeth, throwing a pole at him, and chucking a grenade in his window. None of this works because it's unbelievably fucking stupid, and Dracula chases them off by shooting balls of fire at them. The American dude decides to spend less time chasing Dracula and more time fucking this ugly girl who looks like his ex, so we see some tit for a second before Dracula kidnaps her and makes her into a vampire (she looks a lot hotter as a vampire, by the way- in fact, all three of the vampire chicks in this movie look pretty good, but of course they never strip or dyke out). Van Helsing and the American dude go after Dracula again, but he kicks their asses and the vampires win, which was the only thing I liked about this whole movie».

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