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2010, regia di Chito Roño, Jerry Lopez-Sineneng, Trina N. Dayrit, Richard V. Somes, Lester Pimentel



Scheda: Nazione: Filippine - Produzione: ABS-CBN - Distribuzione: ABS-CBN - Soggetto-sceneggiatura: Arah Jell Badayos, Mark Duane Angos, Jerome Co, Ricardo Fernando III, Ma. Nikki Jane Bunquin, Dang Bagas - Fotografia: Neil Daza, Julius Villanueva, Hermann Claravall - Montaggio: Froilan Francia, Bren John De Leon, Dennis Salgado, Joy Buenaventura - Art Director: Charles Albert Alabado, Adrian Española, Dunn Ledesma, Rashem Gumacal - Scenografia: Cn - Costumi: Karen Tracy Dizon, Ariel Camponero, Adrian Torres, Eivy Rose Lavalle - Musiche: Yeng Constantino, Ney Dimaculangan - Effetti speciali: Earl Bontuyan, Dodge Ledesma - Formato: Color, linguaggio filippino Tagalog, serie tv - Durata: 30' (45').

Cast: Angel Locsin, John Lloyd Cruz, Rico Blanco, Jomari Yllana, Justin Cuyugan, Maja Salvador, Gladys Reyes, Francine Prieto, Chinchin Gutierrez, Precious Lara Quigaman.






Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «Imortal (lit. Immortal) is a Philippine supernatural–fantasy horror TV series produced by ABS-CBN. Starring Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz. It's a sequel to the 2008 fantasy series, Lobo. ... Three hundred years ago, a group of powerful beings arrived in our shores. Known as vampires, drinkers of human blood, their menace quickly spread throughout the land. But unknown to them, a powerful clan also lived in the islands, a group of beings who can transform themselves into powerful wolves - the Taong Lobos (Werewolves). The Taong Lobos were the humans' protectors and they immediately formed an army to destroy the vampires. The blood drinkers were no match for the Taong Lobos. One by one, the vampires fell. Those who survived were driven into hiding. Peace among the humans and Taong Lobos followed, and the memory of the existance of the vampires started to fade. But the remaining vampires waited – organizing and fortifying their numbers until they are ready. They are holding a secret – a prophecy that foretells of an epic battle between them and the Taong Lobos that will finally decide the one blood that shall rule them all. The battle shall be led by a powerful vampire and a powerful taong lobo who are each others nemesis and downfall. The vampires believe they have found their prophesied savior and now they are preparing to come out and start the war. The Taong Lobos have grown complacent, and they know nothing about the mysterious prophecy. With the stage set for an epic battle, two individuals, Mateo and Lia, find themselves drawn to each other, unsuspecting that as they grow closer together, they are awakening the powers that are lying dormant in both of them – the same powers that will inevitably tear them apart. Will their love prevail and conquer the prophecy?».

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Serie tv in 139 episodi.




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