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My Bloody Wedding

2010, regia di Morgan Mead


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Clothespin Films - Distribuzione: R-Squared Films - Soggetto: Morgan Mead - Sceneggiatura: Morgan Mead - Fotografia: Jim Timperman - Montaggio: Morgan Mead - Art Director: Michael Ballenger - Set Decoration: Melita Little - Effetti speciali: Morgan Mead - Formato: Color - Durata: 88'.

Cast: Juan Burton, Matthew W. Allen, Dan Holmes, Apollo Bacala, Judith Weldon, Joshua C. Ramsey, Alex Oberheide, Louie Lawless, Roxanne Saylor, Carley Cornelius, Keith Lipke, Lindsey Zelli, Tristan Ross, Ryan Curtiss, Nick Timperman, David Fultz, Kyle S. More, Patrick Babbitt, Morgan Mead.







Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «Considering all of horror’s wonderfully wicked subgenres, I think it’s safe to say the horror/comedy is my least favorite. Now, I am by no means saying that chuckles have no place in the genre. Intentional or not, a strategically placed nudge or two can balance a fright film out nicely. But in an age of excess, it’s becoming too difficult to find one that knows its limits and contains more chills than laughs. I simply don’t see the point in ridiculous, random, over the top nonsense in a genre originally based on fear.  Doug is a naive little momma’s boy about to get married to his beautiful, caring, understanding fiancée, Callista. Everything seems fine and dandy until she becomes possessed, resulting in an appetite for human flesh. She begins chowing down on his family and friends, bringing new meaning to the vow “‘til death do us part.” In a nutshell, that’s the plot. It could be a lot worse, and in the right hands, could even be quite enjoyable. However, the film’s tone of humor completely ruined it for me. For example there’s this random 4-foot tall robot that follows the main character around all the time and is never explained. Why’s it there? I don’t know! In addition, there’s a fat white dude in a luchador outfit that lives next door and eventually joins the posse! Again, never explained. It’s not like robots and Mexican wrestlers are common horror tropes that are being spoofed, so it’s hard to see how this warrants humor. Sometimes, characters will randomly stop what they’re doing, look at the camera and do an impromptu infomercial for a made up product. It’s hilarious! And there’s this one scene where a bunch of characters randomly break into an Irish jig, for no reason at all! It’s f**king genius!! (Sarcasm, anyone?). ...».

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