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2008, regia di Timothy Sanderson


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Damfino Productions - Distribuzione: Mangpong - Soggetto: Jeff Chappuis, Marvin Day, Darren Scharf - Sceneggiatura: Timothy Sanderson - Fotografia: Damian Lucas - Montaggio: Timothy Sanderson - Effetti speciali: Doug Field - Formato: color - Durata: 82’.

Cast: James Brownlee, Maria Collins, Jessica Dill, Paul Evans, Avi Hartman, Brandon Hayes, John Hilbun, Christian Huey, Jesi Kinnevan, Adam Langley, Michael T. Mergen, Korey Simeone, Jason Small, Ryan Sullivan, Gary Teague, Alex Tosspon, Frank Weysos, J.R. Zambrano.






Trama e commenti: «Il film tratta il tema di cosa vuol dire essere una creatura della notte, con i succhiasangue che guardano programmi di cattivo gusto e si vestono in modo più che normale, dall'altra parte i novelli Van Helsing che sembrano usciti da dei fumetti e che si improvvisano eroi. Ci sono alcune scene spaventose ma il tono generale è quello della commedia nera con anche un po' di scene sanguinolente; la storia sarà raccontata come un documentario».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «...The film is a mockumentary and thus the level of cameras used is perfect, any flaws in lighting – a problem with the documentary filmmaking process. Said documentary is being made by Ian (Michael Mergan), Mike (Ryan Sullivan) and Kate (Maria Collins). Their subject, vampires and the hunters who hunt them. Henry - crispy critterThe film actually starts with Henry (Alex Tosspon), who is mixing up a thick paint. He shaves his head, strips and puts in protective contact lenses. Then he smears himself liberally with the paint. It is Henry’s daywalking experiment (13th attempt). He walks into the sunlight and rejoices, he can see the sun, but then he starts to burn. He makes it back to the garage – somewhat crispier than he was before. Henry was a surfer before being turned and desperately misses the sun. At the end of the film we hear him talk of Seattle and the high suicide rate due to, he believes, the many rainy days and lack of sun. “Being a vampire,” he says insightfully, “Is like living in Seattle all the time.” Avi Hartman as AviThere are several other vampires all sharing a house and one of the astounding things about the film is that, whilst we don’t hear too much about most of their backgrounds, we learn enough about their characters to bond with many of them. Avi (Avi Hartman) is a paramedic and Larry (James Brownlee) – or Laurencio de la Ciscaren – claims to have been an assassin but now is a doorman at a hotel. He is a traditionalist vampire, sleeping in a coffin whilst all the others sleep in beds. Thomas (Adam Langley) is a frat boy and the youngest of the vampires, whilst Darren (Brandon Hayes) owns the house and several businesses».




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