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The Perfect Breed

2010, regia di Scott B. Hansen


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Scott Hansen Productions, Light Age Films - Distribuzione: Perfect Breed, Scott Hansen Productions,  - Soggetto: Scott B. Hansen - Sceneggiatura: Idyll King Ent - Fotografia: Charlie Anderson, Geoffrey Albach, Benjamin Dyer, Scott B. Hansen, Leonard P. Walsh II - Montaggio: Scott B. Hansen - Costumi: Julia Engert, Rebecca Snuffer - Musiche: Sedat Yuce - Effetti speciali: David 'Bull' Watson, David Watson, Justin Junda - Formato: Color, corto - Durata: 3'.

Cast: Kera O'Bryon, Nicholas X. Parsons, Sidmar Holloman, Ray Remillard, Robert Shepherd, Joel King, Ethan Marten, Rachael Lang, Ashley Vetere, Amberly Pecsek, Chason Hunter, Rebecca Snuffer, Marla Thompson, Ryan Leon, Wink Willey.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «The Perfect Breed transcends the horror genre, incorporating history, romance, thrilling adventure, drama, the struggle for freedom, and the ultimate family feud. While falling into what might be a classic horror film with Vampires and Witches – Breed will also transport the viewer from Medieval Europe, and the ancient Vampire Councils through the landing at Jamestown, to the Vampire, and American Civil Wars. These are the ultimate family feuds between American North and South, and Vampire East and West. The Perfect Breed follows a tortured hero, a vampire with a conscience, on his journey toward redemption. Standing in his path is the vengeful vilian, a rogue vampire with enormous power and ability - the perfect breed. This powerful being is bent on destruction, and wielding ultimate power. Our hero is tracking the last living remnant of an ancient Vampire Family saving the line from extinction. In so doing, he will have to face both the villain, and his own past. The merciless vampire is determined to hunt the descendent down, and end the Line of the Rose. The story culminates with twists, turns, and a suspenseful, action-packed climax that is equally satisfying».





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