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Real Vampires

2007, regia di Christopher Rowley


Scheda: Nazione: Canada - Produzione: Cream Productions, IWC Media - Distribuzione: Discovery Channel Canada - Formato: Color, documentario - Durata: 90'.

Cast: Timothy Taylor, Kathryn Denning.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «The Vampire – medieval legend or modern monster? This Halloween Discovery Channel sets out on a global quest to discover the origins of the vampire myth and to find out why these creatures continue to have such a hold on our imaginations with the two-hour special Real Vampires. Join archaeologist Timothy Taylor and anthropologist Kathryn Denning on a journey that takes them from the mountains of Transylvania and the jungles of Brazil to the vampire covens of present-day New York, as they attempt to find out if there is a dark reality lurking behind the myth of this infamous creature. Their investigation into this chilling subject will lead them to some recent and horrifying cases of modern day vampirism. They will delve into the mind of killers and talk to those who believe they were being preyed upon by such creatures and took matters into their own hands. They will also meet scientists and specialists to find out what they have to say; as well as looking at the scientific evidence behind the blood lust. So lock your doors and windows and spend Halloween with the Discovery Channel as we shine a light on one of the scariest subjects».





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