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Blood Donors

2009, regia di Kenny Carpenter


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Higher Concept Pictures - Distribuzione: Digital Shadow Films - Soggetto: Kenny Carpenter - Sceneggiatura: Bobby Jones - Musiche: Kenny Carpenter, Joel Croyle - Formato: Color - Durata: 73'.

Cast: Dana Aritonovich, Boris Himself, Bobby Jones.

Il film completo:



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «Vampires are a mainstay in the horror movie industry, and the interest of what would happen during a vampire holocaust in present day America sets the stage in Kenny Carpenter’s Blood Donors. A jealous ex-boyfriend gets his wish by becoming more than just a lonely stalker, and complete chaos ensues when the ex-boyfriend turns into a blood-thirsty vampire on a road to killing anyone in his path. Plenty of CGI blood and explosions set the stage to a very low budget vampire thriller, which has randomness in numbers keeping the viewer wonder about what is going on exactly. Dana (Dana Aritonovich) and Boris (Boris) site at a diner discussing vampire flicks, as they are being stared at from across the room by jealous ex-boyfriend, Kalib(Bobby Jones.) Kalib visualizes ripping Boris’s face off from ear to ear, and does not understand why Dana chooses her new man over Kalib. After Kalib leaves, he heads over to the local tavern, where the too friendly bartender (Dina M. Patel) serves him shot after shot. The bartender then comes over behind Kalib, and grants his wish to make him stronger by placing her fangs on his neck. He collapses, and she goes over to drain the passed out drunk of her blood. Kalib instantly becomes a vampire, and starts his reign of terror in his new look, completed with black sunglasses and a wardrobe of black. He first runs into a clown that speaks in a chipmunk-like voice, which attacks Kalib with exploding balloons. Kalib attacks the clown, and then makes his way to a street fair. He encounters two sword fighters, who he quickly eliminates on his way to the fair’s haunted house. The haunted house is filled with different themed rooms, and each time Kalib enters a room, a sub-titled theme would pop up on the screen. ...» (Joanna Rose). «Un hombre descubre que su barman es una reina vampiro,y destruira a todo lo que se le cruze en su camino».





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