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Casual Relations

1974, regia di Mark Rappaport


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Mark Rappaport - Distribuzione: Planet Pictures - Soggetto: Mark Rappaport - Sceneggiatura: Mark Rappaport - Fotografia: Mark Rappaport, Alan Raymond - Montaggio: Mark Rappaport - Formato: B.N. e Color, film sperimentale - Durata: 80'.

Cast: Melvin Austin, Paula Barr, Peter Campus, Adrienne Claiborne, Alan Dahl, Rich LaBonte, Sis Smith.




Trama e commenti: «Oscuro film underground all’insegna del “metacinema” che al suo interno ha un “film nel film” intitolato A Vampire’s Love. Il regista/sceneggiatore/produttore si prende pure la libertà di aprire e chiudere la sua fatica con fotogrammi prelevati dal Nosferatu di Murnau».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «Impatience dwells a long way from outrage, and boredom never was a substitute for shock. Mark Rappaport's Casual Relations, whose two-day run ends today at the First Avenue Screening Room, is supposed to be outrageous, but it's no more stimulating than one prolonged shot of a pitcher and a basin. The movie yields a vague patchwork of preoccupations: a young woman dreams at monsters and wakes exhausted, a man suffers through a bad trip, another woman watches television all day long, a couple lunches one year after their separation, there's a very dull murder in a swamp, a chap who likes newsreels of catastrophes gets his knee fondled in a movie theater, a typist in an office recalls a threatening dream, and an amateur photographer admires one photograph in a gallery. A woman who does nude modeling also performs in stag films and a vampire picture. Both are filmed with such enthusiasm that you suspect that these were the movies that the director really wanted to make. But his vampires — who move as slowly and stiffly as limbs in plaster casts — seem like forlorn traitors to their class.

A puff for Princeton on the same bill has been mysteriously nominated for an Oscar. But it seems more like a fund-raising kit than a documentary. "Princeton: A Search for Answers," by Julian Krainin and DeWitt Sage Jr., mocks the seriousness of teaching and learning when we're given only little scraps of lectures, ranging from "Man is an animal" equipped with "a mind which has a passionate lust to know" to "Nobody really knows what a galaxy is like." Scholars are poorly served when their work is presented as a slick collage. Outside of one fine reading of "Measure for Measure" and a chorus rehearsal for Bach's B minor Mass, the professors and students appear desperately conscious of the camera. There's some further gargle about "the place of man" — ah, man — "in the scheme of things," plus praise for "the diversity of opinion" cherished at Princeton. Evocations of the arts and shots of Frisbees and a number of young blond persons fail to characterize the institution in any way that might distinguish it from any other leafy university
» (Nora Sayre).

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