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Fear of Becoming a Vampire (Transmutasanguivoriphobia)

2012, regia di Luke Jurevicius



Scheda: Nazione: Australia - Produzione: Ambience Entertainment, Chocolate Liberation Front - Soggetto: Bruce Griffiths - Sceneggiatura: Bruce Griffiths - Montaggio (della serie): Michael Darren, Cleland Jones, David Ngo - Musiche (della serie): Michael Darren, Luke Jurevicius, Christopher Larkin, Michael Taylor - Effetti speciali: Christian Kuntz - Formato: Color, animazione, episodio della serie tv The Adventures of Figaro Pho - Durata: 8' (7').




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «A wacky Australian animation, the Adventures of Figaro Pho was a 2012 series of animated shorts directed by Luke Jurevicius. Figaro Pho has every phobia known to man and each 7 minute short concentrates on one of those.  In this particular sequence it is Transmutasanguivoriphobia or fear of becoming a vampire. The shorts themselves are silent and feature Figaro and his robot dog Rivet. There is a Tim Burton-esque quality to the shorts. In this Figaro and Rivet are watching a vampire film when the film stops playing. A bat flies into his home (a mansion) and bites his neck. Figaro believes he has been transformed into a vampire and has fangs, talon like nails and no reflection. He becomes hungry but is scared by the meal made by Rivet – it has garlic in it. This leads to Figaro looking for a suitable neck that can provide his vampiric sustenance and this, in its turn, leads to some animated physical comedy in its own right. Eventually Figaro takes to a cupboard for the day but Rivet sees the end of the film, where the vampire is caught in sunlight – and this cures him. He sets to lure Figaro into the sun. Fun, snappy and just a little bit Burton-Goth».

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Episodio 16 della prima stagione della serie tv The Adventures of Figaro Pho.





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