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Nominated Robert Festival: Best Supporting Actress TV Series, Best Danish TV Series


2014, regia di Natasha Arthy, Kaspar Munk


Scheda: Nazione: Danimarca - Produzione: Fridthjof Film, Tordenfilm AS - Distribuzione: Madman Entertainment, SBS Production, France Télévisions Distribution - Creatore della serie: Mikkel Munch-Fals - Sceneggiatura: Ronnie Fridthjof, Thomas Glud, Nikolaj Scherfig, Morten Dragsted, Mikkel Munch-Fals - Fotografia: Jesper Tøffner, Martin Munch, Eric Kress - Montaggio: Nicolaj Monberg, Martin Schade, Henrik Vincent Thiesen, Martin Shade, Søren Ottosen, Gerd Tjur - Scenografia: Felicia Bang, Julie Mille Søbye - Musiche: George Kallis - Effetti speciali: Sune Reinhardt Fogtmann, Mads Hagbarth Lund, Jonas Ussing - Formato: Color, serie tv in 8 episodi - Durata: 45' ogni episodio.

Cast: Julie Zangenberg, Sebastian Jessen, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Allan Hyde, Gustav Giese, Julie Christiansen, Thomas Ernst, Laura Christensen, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Julie Grundtvig Wester, Katrine Rosenthal, Marie Hammer Boda, Petrine Agger, Christoffer Læssøe, Lior Cohen, Shelly Levy, Jens Andersen, Casper Sloth, Morten Holst.






Trama e commenti: «Sofie e Sebastian sono fratello e sorella che nascondono un oscuro segreto: per sopravvivere sono costretti a succhiare l'energia vitale dalla gente. I due sono in cerca di risposte, per capire chi sono e il perché della loro natura e il loro viaggio li porterà in una scuola privata dove si celano verità sorprendenti...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «...The series starts with, and follows, twins Sofie (Julie Zangenberg) and Sebastian (Sebastian Jessen) and we meet them in a car. They are talking about *getting some* and Sebastian says that it’s been over a year (given the hunger he later displays and the lack of self-control he exhibits here I find that hard to believe). Sofie goes into a club and attracts a man. In a doorway they get it on, her eyes turn black and she starts to suck the life out of him. Sebastian comes along, grabs the man and finishes him off – despite Sofie’s protestations. The victim spontaneously combusts – when these energy vampires kill they do so with style, and it is a neat turnaround on the vampire ashing when they die. Sebastian wants to find out what they are and so they head to the Happy Home Orphanage – the place they ran away from when they were twelve. The supervisor tells them that their mother, unnamed at this point, dropped them off as new-borns and suggested she would be back for them. All the supervisor can remember is that their mother had a heart tattoo (which she draws) and she thinks she was a junky. There are some possessions left in the orphanage and these lead them to the Ottman Boarding School, where they decide to enrol to try and get answers. Now this is where you have to suspend disbelief as the story gets patchy. How these two, who were runaways at twelve, manage to get themselves enrolled into a prestigious boarding school is never explained. It is suggested that Sofie killed a pair of students (by immolation) so they could take their places but how she found them is not explored. The headmaster, Henrik Just (Nicolaj Kopernikus), is very aware of the Cursed (as he calls their kind) and so we do wonder why he wouldn’t put two and two together – especially as he knows that the Cursed are drawn to the school. Indeed, such plot doubts continue to raise themselves as we see the two get quickly involved in the school’s fencing classes – as though they had a foggy clue – and suddenly have uniforms etc (the school apparently supply knickers with the school crest on). Come to think about it, how did they get a car and, if stolen, why is it never spotted as such? But, putting all that aside, our vampires have a genuine reason for placing themselves in to school and the story is quite fun if we can suspend disbelief long enough to let them enrol. ...».


Serie tv in 8 episodi: 5 nella prima stagione (2014), 3 nella seconda (2015).





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