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Hopping Vampire vs Zombie

(Jiang shi wang ye)

2015, regia di Pingyuan Zhang


Scheda: Nazione: Cina - Produzione: Guiyang Youmingtang Culture Communication Co. - Distribuzione: in rete, visibile su Youtube - Soggetto: Chao Xiao, Jialin Zhang - Sceneggiatura: Chao Xiao, Jialin Zhang - Formato: Color, linguaggio mandarino - Durata: 62'.

Cast:Jingchuan Xu, Yuxuan Zhang, Yuan Yuan, Ke Yang, Chao Wen..

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Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «2030 global virus crisis, hidden town of God became a zombie land overnight, the virus so that hidden tomb town of God who died a hundred years of princes carrier Cheng resurrection zombies. After experiencing several factors contained Cheng woke up early to drink groundwater without becoming a zombie young, even more shocking is where he and his former Princess 王佳佳 fee Roche is very similar. And Wang Jiajia boyfriend now is Liu. Zombie princes to study into modern lifestyles, and led the people against wave after wave of zombies ... .. ultimate little friends escaped hidden town of God».






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