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The Hunted

2015, regia di Robert Chapin


Scheda: Nazione: USA-GB - Produzione: Hunted Productions, New Deal Studios, Rampant Films - Soggetto: Tex Wall, Robert Chapin, Andrew Helm - Sceneggiatura: Tex Wall - Fotografia: Josh Gill, A.J. Raitano - Costumi: Jessica Cail, Mel Turner - Musiche: Gamblers Mark, Vanlentin Boomes, Alex Khaskin, Chris Haigh, Kevin MacLeod, Pierre Gerwig Langer, Ferenc Hegedus, Tapan Joshi - Effetti speciali: Louis Kiss, Robert Chapin - Formato: Color - Durata: 90'.

Cast: Robert Chapin, David Baker, Monique Ganderton, Anthony De Longis, Gary Kasper, Tex Wall, Jim Pirri, Robert Noble, Banzai Vitale, Tom Sean Foley, Kendall Wells, Kimberly Fox, Jason Bedbury, Andrew Helm, Christopher Halsted, Dawn Alden, Spike Steingasser, Terence J. Rotolo, Tara Macken, Anthony Delongis, Scott Rosen, Roberta Brown, Edgar Landa, Lauren Mary Kim.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «Bob se presenta a un casting con la idea de llegar a convertirse en actor algún día, allí conoce a Susan, la hija de un vigilante enloquecido, y ésta le muerde. Harry, el vigilante y padre de Susan, cree que Bob es el elegido en una cruzada para aliarse con un grupo de criminales y enfrentarse a los vampiros». «Bob (Robert Chapin) is a run-down movie actor whose greatest achievement was playing the lead in a cheesy low budget vampire flick called Vampslayer - but much water has gone down the river since then even. Thing is, according data Harry (David Baker) and his team of real life vampireslayers have gotten from vampier headquarters, Bob is also "the Chosen One", the man who will save mankind from the vampire plague. Thing is, Bob feels by no means ready for the job, and even if he claims to be to appease everybody, he's less than sure whether he ought to even believe any of the whole vampire mumbo jumbo ... that is of course, until he runs away with Harry's daughter Sue (Monique Ganderton), and she eventually proves to be a vampire herself (though by no means a fully developed one) and sucks some of Bob's blood ... which actually does give him some superpowers he didn't have before, but it also attracts the attention of vampire leader Vincent (Anthony Delongis) and his muscle Dragos (Gary Kasper) ... plus, Harry isn't exactly happy that Bob bedded Sue, and he wants to show that, rather drastically ... and then Sue's abducted by the vampires, and Bob is her last hope - but he's anything but ready ... The Hunted is basically just enormous fun: While the movie's designed to be an action-horror hybrid and features some expertly executed and really cool action setpieces, it also doesn't take itself seriously one single minute. But that's not to say the movie's a moronic laugh fest, it does feature plenty of tension, suspense and gruesomeness, just always with tongue firmly in cheek - which totally works for the movie, as its plot is not exactly original, so the art of making this one interesting lies within how to tell its story - and in the case of The Hunted, this is exhilarating most of the time! And add to that a directorial effort that gives the whole thing a certain 1980s B-action look, well-staged fights and some inventive kills, and you've got yourself a pretty fun movie indeed!» (Mike Haberfelner).

Il sito ufficiale del film - Il sito della serie tv


The Hunted è anche il titolo della relativa serie tv, diretta da Robert Chapin.





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