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2011, regia di Damien Dante


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: SGL Entertainment, Satania 6 Films - Distribuzione: SGL Entertainment, Indie Rights, Phoenix Group, R-Squared Films - Soggetto: Damien Dante - Sceneggiatura: Damien Dante - Fotografia: Dan Manzella - Montaggio: Brian Tedeschi - Musiche: David Tedeschi, Avery Watts - Formato: Color - Durata: 80'.

Cast: Bree Michaels, Katie Auerbach, Baby D. Frost, Amanda Jean, Colleena Corrigan, Galina Emmerich, Kelsey Kozak, Madeline Maser, Wolf McKinney, Drake Mefestta, Jeff Swan, Adrian Willoughby.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «En el ático de una casa solariega, un demonio culto sádico, Jezebeth Blandy en guerra con Dios, sin saberlo, descubre un diario del siglo XIX que los detalles de la convocatoria de un demonio. Jezebeth logra romper un código satánico dentro de su habitación el infierno que crea para sus dos realidades». «...It begins with a girl, Jezebeth (Bree Michaels), walking through a graveyard. The Jezebeth song sounds ok (though the lyrics are perhaps a tad cheesy) but overall it makes a good impression. 1873 and a woman, Abigail (Kelsey Kozak), has had consort with a demon cult and given birth to an abomination called Jezebeth. She wants to pass the child to Reverend Blandy (Jeff Swan) in order that he might save her soul – which he agrees to though Abigail is damned. Later there is a confusion as her diary is found but the details were of her daughter after she was given away – the script lets us know that the characters find this as unlikely as the viewer but offers no answers, it is left as a mystery. Modern day and in a rented house – the Blandy house is dilapidated and up for sale – live three sisters. Jezebeth, Lamia (Amanda Jean) and Lenora (Madeline Maser). Jezebeth is the name shared by the modern day girl (who is a Satanist), the abomination and a demon (mother of deceit). Why you’d call your daughter that, especially when there is talk of a Jezebeth curse, is beyond me. Also living in the house is Justina (Katie Auerbach), what relation she is to the girls is never made clear. ...».

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Sequel: Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun





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