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Kwansukui Dracula

1982, regia di Lee Hyung-pyo


Scheda: Nazione: Corea del Sud - Produzione: Taechang Productions - Soggetto: Lee Hee-woo - Sceneggiatura: Lee Hee-woo - Fotografia: Lee Sung-sub - Montaggio: Hyeon Dong-chun - Costumi: Lee Hae-yoon - Musiche: Lee Cheol-hyeok - Formato: Color - Durata: 92'.

Cast: Park Yang-rye, Park Ji-hun, Kang Yong-seok, Ken Christopher, Kimberly Hood.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «...The story opens in the home of Kim Seong-hye (Park Yang-rye) who has recently, and unexpectedly, returned to Seoul from Europe and now spends her days shut in her room in a state of apathy. Her concerned mother enlists the aid of Seong-hye's fiance, Dr Jang Jung-han (Park Ji-hun) to help snap her daughter out of her depression. Jung-han, after a brief examination of the young woman, smugly states that her problem is nothing that their immediate marriage will not fix. His diagnosis does have an instant effect on Seong-hye, although probably not in the way he intended. Rather than being overjoyed like her mother at this proposal, Seong-hye flies into a hysterical rage and angrily breaks off their engagement. Taken aback, Jung-han decides to back off for a short time until Seong-hye is feeling more reasonable and hopes that her foreign friend Helen (Kimberly Hood) whom was travelling in Europe with Seong-hye, or her confidante, a Catholic priest called Father Park (Kang Yong-seok), can shed some light on the situation. This sets up the introduction of Dracula (Ken Christopher) whom Seong-hye had met while touring through eastern Europe, and who was the reason she returned home so quickly. The Count had followed her to Seoul and taken to the nightlife there, frequenting nightclubs to make a meal of whomever dances with him. He quickly transforms Helen into one of his brides and then sets his sights fully on Seong-hye. In this type of horror film, how the monster is portrayed is very important, but unfortunately neither the writing nor Mr Christopher's acting give Dracula much of a chance. ...». «Tras su vuelta a Seúl, después de un viaje por Europa, la joven Seonh-hye se muestra apática y no quiere salir de su cuarto. Su madre, su novio y un cura católico intentarán animarla pero se verán enfrentados a la amenaza de un vampiro extranjero que la ha seguido y está decidido a convertirla en su amante».


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Dracula rising; Dracula in a coffin; Dracula rising from the coffing.





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