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3 Nominations: Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films: Saturn Award, Best Presentation on Television; Art Directors Guild 2013: Television Movie or Mini-Series; Visual Effects Society Awards: VES Award, Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program

Mockingbird Lane

2012, regia di Adam Kane



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Living Dead Guy Productions, Bad Hat Harry Productions, Universal Television - Distribuzione: NBC (National Broadcasting Company) - Serie creata da: Allan Burns, Chris Hayward - Sceneggiatura: Bryan Fuller - Fotografia: Guillermo Navarro - Montaggio: Stuart Bass - Art Director: Jeff Mossa - Scenografia: Michael Wylie - Set Decoration: Halina Siwolop - Costumi: Robert Blackman - Musiche: Jim Dooley - Effetti speciali: Pixomondo - Formato: Color, serie tv - Durata: 45' ogni episodio.

Cast: Jerry O'Connell, Portia de Rossi, Charity Wakefield, Cheyenne Jackson, Mason Cook, Eddie Izzard, Beth Grant, Allen C. Liu, Pablo Espinosa, Craig Jordan, Kenneth Lyng, Dante Brown, Grant Venable, Eric Osovsky, J. Anthony Pena.






Trama e commenti: - - - - «Mockingbird Lane è una serie televisiva fantasy statunitense il cui episodio pilota è stato trasmesso sulla rete televisiva NBC il 26 ottobre 2012. È un remake della serie degli anni sessanta I mostri e vede protagonista la famiglia Munster, composta in prevalenza da esseri mostruosi. Originariamente programmata per la stagione televisiva 2012-2013, la NBC decise di sospendere la produzione e mandare in onda il solo episodio pilota come speciale per Halloween per poi eventualmente riprendere la produzione per la stagione successiva se avesse ottenuto un buon riscontro da parte del pubblico; tale scelta derivò anche dal fatto che il suo ideatore Bryan Fuller era già impegnato a tempo pieno con un'altra serie, Hannibal. Nel dicembre 2012 il network statunitense decise di non produrre nuovi episodi, cancellando definitivamente la serie. La serie segue le vicende di una disfunzionale famiglia di mostri appena trasferitasi al 1313 di Mockingbird Lane. È composta da Sam Dracula, un antico vampiro che vive con la figlia Lily, anche lei vampiro, e il genero Herman Munster, quest'ultimo letteralmente costruito dal suocero che non riusciva a trovare un compagno ideale per la giovane e bella figlia. Sotto lo stesso tetto vivono anche il figlio licantropo di Lily e Herman, Eddie, e la loro nipote Marilyn, unico membro della famiglia a non avere caratteristiche "anormali"».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - «This is one of the few times where my fandom has kind of come back to bite me in the ass. I am a fan of The Munsters and from day one was opposed to this radical reworking of the series. The darkly comic tone with a violent dramatic atmosphere made me irritated beyond belief. Mockingbird Lane surprising enough ends up being a wonderful re-imagining of the series that doesn’t quite alter the comic tone of the original series so much as it adds a lot of menace to it. Instead of a sitcom it’s a dark comedy drama, and instead of the eccentric tone there’s a more menacing and brooding color palette. What makes this special even better is that it completely changes the dynamic of the Munster family. No longer are they hapless monsters looking to be normal. They’re now the snake in the grass who are capable of striking anyone at any time if provoked. I really was enamored at the change in characters and how they worked within the family. Where once Marilyn was a running gag as a normal girl trying to live in an odd family, she’s now the Renfield of the family. She is the normal girl with a hint of a psychotic tick who infiltrates neighborhoods and oversees the arrival of her family. When we first see the Munsters, Marilyn is heading the charge of the purchase of their new mansion and supervising their moving. Changing Marilyn’s purpose gives her character a lot more to do than simply become a one note joke that could easily get stale. Marilyn is the underhanded messenger doing the dirty work for Grandpa Munster, allowing her family to seep in and corrupt the social structure of their new neighborhood, and it’s a very clever twist. She has no remorse and is a dutiful messenger who wants a normal life, but understands her loyalty toward her family. Charity Wakefield gives the stand out as the blond adorable assistant to her family, and really steals the scenes. Even from Eddie Izzard. Grandpa Munster is changed from an eccentric ghoul to a very stern and overbearing head of the family who instills a sense of terror in his family and insists on living live as supernatural beings, no matter what. Eddie Izzard gives a very magnetic performance as the commanding and charming Grandpa Munster who spends his days looking for ways to please his daughter, and keep Herman alive, since his heart is always on the verge of failing. Lily is the same old enchantress and vampiric sex bomb who enters in to her fray with a slick smile, and bemoans the birth of Eddie, recalling on how tempted she was to eat him when he was born. ...».

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