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Mostly Dead

2014, regia di Hernan Caraballo


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Caraballo Pictures - Soggetto: Hernan Caraballo, Stephanie Wlosinski (come Stephanie Andrews) - Sceneggiatura: Hernan Caraballo, Stephanie Wlosinski (come Stephanie Andrews) - Montaggio: Christopher Burns jr., Dennis J. Gesel, Lawrence Lambert, Steven Walter Miecznikowski - Musiche: Paul Calmes - Formato: Color - Durata: 100' (89').

Cast: Jennifer Stergion, Tara Rae Hark, Dean Puleo, Audrey Rose Herman, Elizabeth Kotowski, Paul Calmes, Christopher Brechtel, Jamison Haaf, Lynn Lowry, Joseph W. Stadler, Michael O'Hear, Joseph Bania, Eric Berg, London Bush, Brendan Chavez.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «Whilst many of the vampire movies featured on TMtV are bought, sometimes I'm contacted by production companies and asked if I would like to review their film and at other times I actually contact the production company to see if a screener is available for review. In the case of Mostly Dead it was the latter. It is always tough, in either of those scenarios, when the film proves to be not one of the best. Clearly the filmmakers are proud of their effort, but my first loyalty is to the reader of this blog. Mostly Dead has genuine problems, many of which I suspect are born of a combination of the issues of budget filmmaking combined with a genuinely (overly) ambitious vision. I will cover these issues within the review, and it will of course affect the final score. However, there are some really good ideas in Mostly Dead as well and I also hope to persuade you that the final film is actually worth your time viewing. We are in the town of Fairlawn and things are distinctly odd. The cars stopped running, no trains or buses arrive in the town and no planes fly overhead. Somehow the electricity and water are still available but no communications can escape the town. They assume that similar phenomena has impacted the rest of the world. Oh yeah... they also have vampires. As the film starts we see a girl walking down the street with baby, more importantly we hear a song being sung. Unaccompanied vocal, this original track for the film is truly excellent and works towards building an atmosphere. ...».






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