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Nel letto del nemico

(Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?)

2016, regia di Melanie Aitkenhead



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Rabbit Bandini Productions, Sony Pictures Television  - Distribuzione: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Lifetime - Soggetto: James Franco - Sceneggiatura: Amber Coney - Fotografia: Christina Voros - Montaggio: Sharidan Sotelo - Scenografia: Kristen Adams - Set Decoration: Shirley Starks - Costumi: Stephanie Powers - Musiche: James Iha - Effetti speciali: Steve Newquist - Formato: Color - Durata: 86'.

Cast: James Franco, Emily Meade, Leila George, Jamie Soricelli, Emma Rigby, Tori Spelling, Ivan Sergei, Nick Eversman, Amber Coney, Christie Lynn Smith, Lucy Angelo, Ashli Haynes, Dorinda Townsend, Zoe Sidel.






Trama e commenti: - «La giovane Leah porta in casa la persona più speciale della sua vita per farla conoscere alla madre Julie, tutti sono sorpresi di ritrovarsi di fronte a Pearl, una ragazza. Sebbene accetti la situazione, Julie non riesce a non vederci qualcosa di strano e di sbagliato. I suoi sospetti si riveleranno presto fondati e le toccherà salvare la figlia da un'eternità di dolore prima che sia troppo tardi».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - «The original Mother May I Sleep with Danger (MMISWD) was a 1996 thriller starring Tori Spelling about a killer who targets, isolates, abuses and finally kills female targets and about his latest victim being saved by her mother. James Franco reimagined it twenty years on as a vampire film but also decided to take one of the potential subtexts of the vampire (and other monsters), the queer, and play with that as an overt theme.  This was not necessarily entirely successful – as I may not agree with some of the points made, especially around Dracula – but debate is always good and the fact that there was a conscious effort to hold a discussion through the medium of the film warms me to it in the very first place. As I intend to look at the points made I will, by necessity, spoil the film further than I normally would.  The film starts with a blonde girl (Emma Rigby) getting out of a car, entering a house and lighting candles. She receives a call and assures the caller that she will do it tonight. Pearl (Emily Meade) arrives and it is clear that the two are lovers. Pearl expects to go out but the other (she isn’t named in film or in credits) says her parents are out, gives Pearl a ring and suggests that Pearl photograph her – after she does they lie together and Pearl confirms she loves her. A confession follows, the girl is a nightwalker… kind of like a vampire (or exactly like, especially if you just take the fact that the character is credited as a vampire). ...».

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