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Nosferatu: The Friendly Vampire

2004, regia di Karla Davis


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: "Smart & Sexy!" Films - Distribuzione: Troma Entertainment - Soggetto: Karla Davis - Sceneggiatura: Karla Davis - Fotografia: Philip Gorbachov, Ryan Prows - Montaggio: Karla Davis - Musiche: Mike Walker - Formato: B.N., corto - Durata: 5'.

Cast: Justin Snavely, Ryan Prows, Brian Mountain Man, Maxine Rabren, Travis Groo.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «Technically impressive 16mm film has Nosferatu (Justin Snavely) trying to make friends but due to his reputation as a blood sucker, most stay away from him. The poor guy must ride his bike around all day looking for friends but not being able to find any. At first I'm sure most people would just look at the title, roll their eyes and move on but that would be a shame because this is a pretty good little homage to the classic 1922 film that blends the perfect amount of style with the campy storyline. Yes, I think the film would have been better with a somewhat better story where something more than what we're shown happens but I can overlook this due to the wonderful look of the movie. If you didn't know any better you'd think you were actually watching a silent movie has Davis does a wonderful job at recreating those classic silent movies. The film also benefits from a nice score and some good cinematography. Fans of that original film will want to check this one out as a nice trip down memory lane and it would be even better after viewing the original» (Michael Elliott).






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