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Nothing bleeds forever

(Nič Nekrváca Večne)

2003, regia di Matej Hradsky, Juraj Kral


Scheda: Nazione: Slovacchia - Produzione: Metafora Films - Distribuzione: Metafora Films - Soggetto: Jaroslav Feja - Sceneggiatura: Matej Hradsky, Juraj Kral - Montaggio: Juraj Kral - Costumi: Lenka Srsnova - Musiche: Kdb, Peter Kudlicka, Peter Pikna - Effetti speciali: Matej Hradsky, Tomas Hradsky - Formato: B.N. - Durata: 75' (87').

Cast: Martin Bartko, Zdeno Bugan, Jaroslav Feja, Matej Hradsky, Juraj Kral, Roman Misura.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «A no-budget genre tribute smushing together Nosferatu and The Blair Witch Project with a healthy dose of wink-wink slapstick, Nothing Bleeds Forever is an inventive if slightly overlong horror comedy that’s a good bet for midnight fest slots. A DVD edition streeted in Slovakia last June. Four chums hike to find a buried treasure at a remote mountain castle (per filmmakers, pic was shot at Nosferatu locations). Once there, they go up against undead count Fun Hellsing (helmer Matej Hradsky, made up to look like Max Schreck), with messy results. Filmed in black-and-white and largely silent with English intertitles on copy caught, pic showcases Hradsky’s good eye for exaggerated comedic action, discrete but spurty f/x and a score that runs the gamut from orchestral to ragtime to rock to ska. Thesp Martin Bartko does an amusing Bruce Campbell turn as the last man standing. Color outtakes accompany closing credits. Brief Slovak narration brackets the action. Pic bears a 2003 copyright date».






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