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2 Won: AMPIA Award, Best Cinematographer Drama Over 30; Newport International Film Festival, Best Director Award - Nominated: Genie Awards, Milano International Film Festival Awards


2012, regia di Dave Schultz



Scheda: Nazione: Canada - Produzione: Lonely Boy Productions - Distribuzione: Entertainment One, Breakthrough Entertainment - Soggetto: Dave Schultz - Sceneggiatura: Dave Schultz - Fotografia: Craig Wrobleski - Montaggio: Ken Filewych - Scenografia: Hugh Shankland - Costumi: Jennifer Haffenden - Formato: Color - Durata: 109'.

Cast: Rory J. Saper, Merritt Patterson, Richard Harmon, Tom Carey, Christina Jastrzembska, Nancy Sorel, Kim Coates, David James, Kelly Rowan.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «The Canadian dark comedy Rufus is one or two rewrites away from being something truly special. The intention to create something new out of current vampire mythology is certainly evident, but in its current form its more of a glorious mess than anything else. Buried beneath an ill advised manic-pixie-dream-girl romantic tale is an intriguing North of the Border take on George A. Romero’s Martin done by way of Twin Peaks era David Lynch and Edward Scissorhands era Tim Burton. Sadly, the film constantly finds ways to shoot itself in the foot by cramming in far too many contemporary touches that end up making less sense than the weird and outlandish story elements. Rory J. Saper (in his big screen debut) plays the titular teenager: a centuries old British accented vampire who has just watched his last remaining companion commit suicide in front of him. Stranded in the middle of the snowy prairie town of Conrad, Rufus is taken in by the local sheriff (David James Elliot) and his wife (Kelly Rowan), who are both still overcoming the loss of their own son. It’s hard for Rufus to fit in, what with the need to drink human blood and all, but he does start a meet-cute relationship with Tracy (Merritt Patterson), the damaged goods girl from across the street who has “screwed half the town” by her own estimation. He runs afoul of and starts an uneasy friendship with Tracy’s jock ex-boyfriend Clay (The Killing’s Richard Harmon), but his biggest threat might be the arrival of a sort-of bounty hunter (Kim Coates) who has tracked Rufus to bring him back to the medical testing lab he escaped from. In the opening ten minutes of writer-director Dave Schultz film there’s the set up for a really interesting story of identity being told in a refreshingly bizarre manner, and for the first hour or so there are sparks that suggest the movie could roar back to life at any moment. The idea of Rufus – played quite nicely by Saper as a creature who never quite learned how to trust, but still retains a degree of humanity – trying to insert himself into a family and learn how to be cared for is a great idea. Unfortunately for the film, the absolutely ludicrous and kind of slut-shaming romantic subplot never gets eased into and the film suffers severe tonal whiplash in near record time. The first time Rufus and Tracy meet she finds him climbing trees and she comes to meet him on the snowy street in pyjamas and bunny slippers. Two minutes later they are in her house and she’s pretty much forcing him to take off his clothes. It makes less than zero sense and makes her character into somewhat of a joke. ...» (Andrew Parker).

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