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This Vampire

2017, regia di Joe LiTrenta


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: MAL Productions, Shadow Period - Distribuzione: s - Soggetto: Joe LiTrenta - Sceneggiatura: Joe LiTrenta - Fotografia: Joe LiTrenta, Tom LiTrenta - Montaggio: Joe LiTrenta - Scenografia: Pia Castles, Tomoko So - Musiche: Sofia Barcala, Bengalfuel - Effetti speciali: Brock Lee Raab, Deribus Bosky - Formato: Color e B.N., corto - Durata: 22'.



Joe LiTrenta

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «An actress who is herself a weirdo, plays a wonderfully cheerful and super weird prostitute that gets strangled by her criminal-loser boyfriend whom she loves deeply but as the current re-shoot would have it she doesn't actually die because she's a vampire. Instead of complaining about the shitty movie she's making the actress makes the most of it. But she is scared of the sex scene so she tries LSD and a bunch of other things to 'take the ego out of it' but it goes further than helping her with the scene her entire life changes radically and she doesn't give a shit about acting anymore. For the first time she feels the whole of who she is in a moment and it's more than who she was as that actress or this character».






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