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Sir Walter Scott al cinema: dalla Donna del Lago a Quentin Durvard Artł, Lancillotto, Ivanhoe e dintorni


1982, regia di Douglas Camfield


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Columbia Pictures Television, Rosemont Productions Limited - Soggetto: tratto dal romanzo Ivanhoe di Walter Scott - Sceneggiatura: John Gay - Fotografia: John Coquillon - Montaggio: Bill Blunden - Scenografie: Terry Parr - Costumi: Olga Lehmann - Musiche: Allyn Ferguson - Effetti speciali: John Evans - Formato: Color.

Cast: James Mason, Anthony Andrews, Sam Neill, Michael Hordern, Olivia Hussey, Lysette Anthony, Julian Glover, George Innes, Ronald Pickup, John Rhys-Davies,David Robb, Stuart Wilson, Michael Gothard, Tony Haygarth, Philip Locke, Timothy Morand, Kevin Stoney, Dean Harris, John Hallam, Kenneth Gilbert, Debbie Farrington, Stewart Bevan, Geoffrey Veevers.



Trama e commenti: - «Un cavaliere senza paura che ha giurato fedeltą a re Riccardo, combatte l'usurpatore Giovanni "senza terra". Nello stesso tempo deve pensare ai suoi affari di cuore divisi tra due donne».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «This 1982, 180-minute television remake of the original MGM feature, produced 30 years before, is the rare makeover of a classic that works quite well under its own steam. Anthony Andrews plays the disinherited knight who returns from the Third Crusades and is determined to raise the ransom to free a kidnapped King Richard (Julian Glover). With his bid rebuffed by his estranged father (Michael Hordern), and the affection of the latter's ward, Rowena (Lysette Anthony), compromised, Ivanhoe looks toward the generosity of the beautiful Rebecca (Olivia Hussey)--whose father (James Mason) he rescued from anti-Semitic Normans--for help. But a plot by faithless friends to discredit Ivanhoe, and his subsequent partnership with Robin Hood (David Robb) to save the day, keep this story from slowing down even for a minute. Originally a miniseries, this production has enough breadth to provide lots of breathing room for the script and cast to mine all the drama they can from Sir Walter Scott's novel. This is also a great-looking movie, with wall-to-wall pageantry, superb costumes--the works» (Tom Keogh).

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