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Sir Walter Scott al cinema: dalla Donna del lago a Quentin Durvard  - L'età delle crociate


(King Richard and the Crusaders)

1954, regia di David Butler




Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Warner Bros. - Distribuzione: Warner Bros. - Soggetto: dal romanzo Il talismano di Sir Walter Scott - Sceneggiatura: John Twist - Fotografia: J. Peverell Marley - Montaggio: Irene Morra - Art Direction: William S. Darling, Bertram Tuttle - Costumi: Marjorie Best - Musiche: Ray Heindorf (canzone Dream, Dream), Max Steiner - Formato: Cinemascope Warnercolor - Durata: 119'.

Cast: Rex Harrison, Virginia Mayo, George Sanders, Laurence Harvey, Robert Douglas, Michael Pate, Paula Raymond, Lester Matthews, Anthony Eustrel, Abdullah Abbas, John Alderson, Rudolph Anders, Nejla Ates, Erik Blythe, Leslie Bradley, Henry Corden, Wilton Graff, Otto Reichow.


«Riccardo Cuor di Leone è partito in Oriente per la terza Crociata. Lo seguono un gruppo di nobili inglesi e sua cugina Edith. Tra il seguito però c’è qualcuna che prepara una trappola, facendo cadere il re in un’imboscata. Questi non riuscirebbe a salvarsi se non fosse aiutato dal Saladino» (Vito Attolini). 

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Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «This silly costume epic casts Sanders as King Richard the Lionhearted, who survives an assassination attempt by disloyal nobles during the Third Crusade. Harvey steps forward as the only knight to be trusted, and he tries to gather evidence against the conspirators while trying to woo Sanders' cousin, Mayo. Harrison, the chief of the Arabs, rides into camp posing as a doctor and works to save Sanders' life so he will have an honorable opponent in the war. He, too, falls for Mayo. Harvey weeds out the traitors, fights some duels, jousts a bit, and generally proves himself worthy of Mayo's hand. He and Mayo return to Scotland over Sanders' protest that he needs Harvey for a new campaign. An extraordinarily bad script is the chief culprit in this misfired epic; poorly structured, it leaves Harrison (looking ridiculous with his face painted brown) with nothing but platitudes to speak and an awful song to sing. The battle scenes, usually the best thing about films like this, are boring, and almost all the acting is downright bad. Filmed at a cost of $3 million, it still had not recouped its investment more than 30 years later».

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Der Talismann.




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